2300 AD – Rotten to the Core

Julia Martin
Rotten to the Core
2300 AD

Jean-François told me it was a done deal. When the man who had stood back to back with me at seven different Speed Demon rumbles had a proposal, I listened. And silly me, I believed him. I should have learned Lesson #1 a long time ago: In Libreville, a trusting soul is a dead one.
All my friends and I had to do was to provide a little „expertise“ and security while Jean-François arranged a buyer for a piece of hot tech that had fallen into his hands like a ripe apple. Just a matter of a phone call or two and a couple of low-profile meets.
Nothing is ever that simple. Now Jean-François is dead, a victim of forgetting Lesson #2: Never let your guard down, even among friends. And all of us who went up into the Trilon Building to meet Jean-François are now trying our best to get out alive – something which the entirety of Trilon security, both human and electronic, would dearly love not to see happen. This is turning into a Class A, #1 Bad Day. But what should I have expected in a ciy that’s rotten to the core?

63 Seiten. 1990.
ISBN 1-55878-059-9