7th Sea – Waves of Blood

Rob Vaux, Dana DeVries
Waves of Blood
7th Sea

The definitive sourcebook for the Thean seas!
The waters sorrounding Theah are as deadly as her mainland, where brutal pirates and mighty navies battle for supremacy. Some fight for plunder and glory, while others seek to push the boundaries of human exploration. A sailor’s life contains untold freedoms – and perils to chill the soul. The adventure of a lifetime is waiting just beyond the next cove, ready to make you fabulously rich… or send you straight to the bottom. Dangerous men and women ply the waterways, from the driven Explorer Guy McCormick to the indomitable „Bloody“ Bonnie McGee. Only the strongest dare cross swords with them, but the rewards are well worth the risks.
Now, for the first time, their stories have been gathered into a single volume. Waves of Blood contains the complete background for the 7th Sea CCG, as well as a host of information for players and Game Masters alike. Journey with the Brotherhood of the Coast, battle Admiral Valoix alongside the Castillian Armada, or cross swords with the murderous Crimson Rogers. Everything you need for endless evenings of adventure can be found within these pages. Join the ships and crews of the Thean seas, and set sail across the waves of blood.
Waves of Blood includes:

  • A complete history of Theah’s ten most powerful naval factions, with discussions on creating Heroes from their ranks and running campaigns based around their activities.
  • A wealth of new rules, including RPG/ CCG conversion guidelines allowing you to create playable cards from your favorite RPG Heroes, and RPG characters from 7th Sea cards!
  • Stats and backgrounds for the card game’s most popular figures, prominent artifacts complete with adventure hooks, and ten fully developed locations for your campaign.
  • A thorough run-down of the CCG storyline from No Quarter! to Horizon’s Edge.
  • A 24-page color section featuring a timeline for the card game story, a two-page map, and beautiful full-color images from some of the industry’s best artists.
  • Rules and history for the mysterious Island of the Sunken Eye and the Syrneth secrets it holds within its depths.
  • For the first time, a complete discussion of the unholy Black Freighter, including ways to use it in your campaign!

192 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-887953-33-7