AD&D 2nd – Dragonlord of Mystara

Thorarinn Gunnarsson - Dragonlord of MystaraThorarinn Gunnarsson
Dragonlord of Mystara
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition
Mystara Novel

Pursued across rugged mountain country by dragons until nearly dead from fatigue, the sorceress of unknown origin lived only long enough to give birth to her son.
Now, years later, the dragons have returned in fury to ravage the northern lands in search of the sorceress’s orphaned offspring.
Thelvyn Fox Eyes and his guardian, one-handed adventurer Sir George Kirbey, embark on a fantastic quest to unlock the secret of an elusive prophecy that will lead them to the legendary Dragonlord.
For if the dragons decide to go to war, only the Dragonlord can hope to stop them…
„Dragonlord of Mystara“ is the first book in „The Dragonlord Chronicles“, a trilogy set in the heroic fantasy world of Mystara.
Thorarinn Gunnarsson, a native of Iceland, is the author of ten previous science-fiction and fantasy adventures.

396 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 1-56076-906-8