AD&D 2nd – The Rod of Seven Parts

Douglas Niles - The Rod of Seven PartsDouglas Niles
The Rod of Seven Parts
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Novel

The Rod of Seven Parts…
… originated at the dawn of time, the symbolic centerpiece of the conflict between law and chaos.
Broken into pieces by powerful magic, scattered across a dangerous landscape, the rod’s components draw menacing forces from distant planes – and change, forever, the life of any unsuspecting mortal who finds himself in possession of even a single segment.
From the Wind Dukes, guardians of law, to the hideous Queen of Chaos herself, heroes and monsters compete to find the pieces of the rod. Violent conflicts surround the bold heroes who strive to protect the artifact, until the companions realize that only by facing ultimate chaos can the forces of evil be vanquished.

348 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 0-7869-0479-8