AD&D – Demons (Box)

AD&D - Demons (Box)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Role Aids Box

Eons ago they were imprisoned in a vast inferno for fomenting a conflict amidst the gods themselves.
Now, they’re loose and free to prey upon the will of man.
Run out of challenges? Try matching wits with the embodiment of all evil.
The Demons sourcepack includes:

  • 48 pages of hole-punched monster descriptions, covering the demons and the inhabitants of their inferno lairs, for your players to add to other game materials;
  • An 80-page game master’s booklet;
  • The 64-page „Infernicum Mallemancia,“ an ancient book of demon lore that provides your players with all the clues they need to tackle and defeat their diabolical adversaries;
  • New character classes, including the demon-summoning Thaumaturgist and the demon-hunting Slayer;
  • Rules for half-demon player characters;
  • Dozens of new spells and new magic items;
  • A full color, 22″ x 34″ map;
  • A complete adventure; and the most powerful spells in fantasy role-playing!

Box. 1993.
ISBN 0-923763-61-9