ArcWorlde – The Fantasy Skirmish Wargame

Alex Huntley
ArcWorlde – The Fantasy Skirmish Wargame

Arcstorms rage, weapons clash and monsters roam the land. Take command, choose your side and forge your legend in this fast-paced skirmish game from Warploque Miniatures.
Inside this mighty tome you will find all the rules required to play ArcWorlde – The Fantasy Skirmish Wargame.
Play as one or more of six dynamic warbands or as a plethora of fearsome monsters in a 32mm miniatures game that is quick, fun and easy to learn. With a fast paced turn system and characterful rules, each game of ArcWorlde is its own epic story.
Coupled with an abundance of art, painted miniatures and lore, with this book you can truly immerse yourself in the curious fantasy realm of ArcWorlde.

200 Seiten. 2015. Format DIN A5.