Atlantis: The Second Age – Rulebook (2nd Edition)

Doug Bramlett, Kieran Turley, Jerry D. Grayson
Atlantis: The Second Age: A Sword and Sorcery Roleplaying Game
Atlantis: The Second Age (2nd Edition)

„Between the Golden Age of Atlantis and the coming of the Hyperborean Age there was a time of great heroes and terrible monsters. This was an age of epic kingdoms and draconian warlords, an age of dark Gods and forbidden sorcery, when those that plumbed the depths of lost lore could build empires of light, or plunge the world into darkness eternal.“
– This is the Second Age of Atlantis

A complete game for sword and sorcery adventures in the mythic past.

  • 13 playable races, including the savage Nethermen, the bestial Andamen, the ever-shifting Jinn, the ancient Lemurians, the mighty Atlanteans, and of course the great mass of humanity.
  • Over 100 cultures for your character to come from.
  • Lifepaths that guide you through character generation and provide hundreds of stepping off points for adventure.
  • Uses the robust Omega-system.
  • An overview of the isles of Atlantis including dozens of adventure ideas.
  • And so much more!

368 Seiten. 2014 (Second Printing).
ISBN 0-9842500-9-3