Audiobook – Superman – Doomsday & Beyond

Audiobook - Superman - Doomsday & Beyond
Superman – Doomsday & Beyond

A sensational audio comic!
It’s a fight to the death. Together with a supervillain called Doomsday, Lex Luthor threatens to annihilate mankind. Will Superman be able to stand up against and defeat Luthor, or will he be lost forever?
In this thrilling radio play brimming with terrific sound effects and a soundtrack worthy of a feature film, the myth of Superman is given in a totally new form. It is quite a fresh, unheard-of experience to discover the superhero as an acoustic phenomenon only. Just listen to Superman whirring through the air, fighting breathlessly with his enemies and to other spectacular adventures, all set in the fantastic surroundings of Metropolis.
Laufzeit ca. 155 Minuten.

2 CDs. der hörverlag.
ISBN 978-3-86717-152-6