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7th Sea – Die Kreuzritter (engl.)

Kevin Wilson
Die Kreuzritter
7th Sea

Secret Societies of Theah: Book Three.
The Church has a darker side.
In 1411, the Order of the Black Cross was wiped out to a man.
If Die Kreuzritter still existed, this book would include:

  • A detailed history and background of the Black Crosses.
  • New Syrneth artifacts, new monsters, and a secret that could tear the world apart – why did the First Prophet condemn Sorcery?
  • New Advantages, a new Swordsman School, and a new form of Sorcery heretofore unseen.

112 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-887953-08-6

Victoriana – The Smoke: 1867 Edition

The Smoke: 1867 Edition

Take in the sights of Victorian London with this 130 page sourcebook detailing the highs and lows of the empire’s capital. There’s never been a better time to visit…
This book contains:

  • Characters
  • Contacts
  • Monsters
  • Villains
  • Maps
  • Detailed descriptions of each area of Victoriana London.
  • Everything you need to give your Victoriana adventures a home in the heart of the empire.

130 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-904649-02-5

Universal – Schatten über Bärenfels

Marcus Kühn, Armin Schmiegel
Braunschweiger Schelmin ’93: Schatten über Bärenfels

Dieser Band enthält:

Schatten über Bärenfels: Tiefe Dunkelheit hat sich über die kleine Siedlung gelegt, und zahllose Geister suchen ihre Straßen heim. Lastet ein schrecklicher Fluch über den treuen Menschenseelen des Markgrafen Eric von Bärenfels?

Rüdigers Flucht: Der Diebstahl eines einfachen Schwertes sorgt für reichlich Aufruhr, und zahlreiche Personen interessieren sich für den Verbleib der begehrten Beute, die Schlüssel zu einem gewaltigen Schatz sein soll.

95 Seiten.

d20 – Islands of Gold

Islands of Gold: The Midnight Archipelago
d20/ 7th Sea

It lies on the far edge of civilization, a tropical island chain thousands of miles from any land. They call it the Midnight Archipelago; it holds enough wealth to tempt the greatest kings, and enough dangers to turn brave men white with fear. Here, stalwart explorers chart the lost ruins of alien civilizations, pirates carve personal empires in blood and gold, and hidden jungles hold monstrous beings unseen since the dawn of man. From the black magic of Sange Tara to the pirates‘ paradise of the Straits of Blood, come venture to the furthest reaches of the sea, and see what thrilling adventures await.
Islands of Gold contains a wealth of information on the mysterious tropical islands known as the Midnight Archipelago. Though set in the world of Theah, its contents are easily transferable to any swashbuckling-style campaign.

  • Complete details on eight islands – each more deadly than the last – including maps, adventure hooks, new monsters, and more!
  • A history of the region, including tips for running campaigns there.
  • Page after page of new rules, including possession magic, Swordsman Schools, new prestige classes, and a dark twist on sorcerous bloodlines.
  • Fully compatible with both d20 System rules and the classic 7th Sea system!

96 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 1-887953-98-1

7th Sea – Waves of Blood

Rob Vaux, Dana DeVries
Waves of Blood
7th Sea

The definitive sourcebook for the Thean seas!
The waters sorrounding Theah are as deadly as her mainland, where brutal pirates and mighty navies battle for supremacy. Some fight for plunder and glory, while others seek to push the boundaries of human exploration. A sailor’s life contains untold freedoms – and perils to chill the soul. The adventure of a lifetime is waiting just beyond the next cove, ready to make you fabulously rich… or send you straight to the bottom. Dangerous men and women ply the waterways, from the driven Explorer Guy McCormick to the indomitable „Bloody“ Bonnie McGee. Only the strongest dare cross swords with them, but the rewards are well worth the risks.
Now, for the first time, their stories have been gathered into a single volume. Waves of Blood contains the complete background for the 7th Sea CCG, as well as a host of information for players and Game Masters alike. Journey with the Brotherhood of the Coast, battle Admiral Valoix alongside the Castillian Armada, or cross swords with the murderous Crimson Rogers. Everything you need for endless evenings of adventure can be found within these pages. Join the ships and crews of the Thean seas, and set sail across the waves of blood.
Waves of Blood includes:

  • A complete history of Theah’s ten most powerful naval factions, with discussions on creating Heroes from their ranks and running campaigns based around their activities.
  • A wealth of new rules, including RPG/ CCG conversion guidelines allowing you to create playable cards from your favorite RPG Heroes, and RPG characters from 7th Sea cards!
  • Stats and backgrounds for the card game’s most popular figures, prominent artifacts complete with adventure hooks, and ten fully developed locations for your campaign.
  • A thorough run-down of the CCG storyline from No Quarter! to Horizon’s Edge.
  • A 24-page color section featuring a timeline for the card game story, a two-page map, and beautiful full-color images from some of the industry’s best artists.
  • Rules and history for the mysterious Island of the Sunken Eye and the Syrneth secrets it holds within its depths.
  • For the first time, a complete discussion of the unholy Black Freighter, including ways to use it in your campaign!

192 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-887953-33-7

The Uncharted Seas – Rulebook

Neil Fawcett, Mark Sims
The Uncharted Seas: Rules for Fantasy Naval Combat
The Uncharted Seas

Welcome to a game of high adventure on the seas of a totally new fantasy realm…
The Uncharted Seas is a fast paced fantasy naval game that allows you to take command of mighty fleets. Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Elves and the mysterious Dragon Lords are amongst the races waging a terrible war at sea, all determined to see the destruction of their enemies.
Whether you choose to play solid Dwarf ironclad steamships, lumbering Orc battle barges or the living ships of the Dragon Lords you will have a variety of ships and weaponry available to build your fleet using our exciting Uncharted Seas model range.
The rules are elegantly simple, but with sections for critical hits, ramming, boarding, running repairs, capturing prizes and much, much more. We have also included detailed rules for an optional game card system that adds yet another exciting dimension to the game. As well as scenarios, race backgrounds, ships stat cards, painting tips, counters and a fast play sheet we have included two fleet templates that you can use to check out the rules. All of this makes The Uncharted Seas rulebook a complete game in its own.

82 Seiten. 2008.

Rolemaster – Dark Space

Monte Cook
Dark Space
Rolemaster/ Space Master
Campaign Setting

Mankind’s very existence is threatened by a horror from before time and beyond space. Alien entities called the Elder Worms in days long passed are seeping down once again from their lairs in the Dark Nebula, and the people of the Twenty Worlds are their first prey. To stop these beings before their evil plots come to fruition, brave heroes must use all at their disposal: magic, telepathy, and high science. Welcome to the worlds of … Dark Space.
Dark Space is a complete campaign setting as well as a unique combination of science fiction, fantasy and horror: Contained within are detailed descriptions of twenty different worlds and the society that binds them together. Organizations, religions and governments of this fantasy/ high tech society are included as well as a number of new races and beasts unique to the setting.
Dark Space includes:

  • A complete campaign setting compatible with Rolemaster, Space Master, or both games together. Dark Space can also be worked into any existing campaign (fantasy or science fiction).
  • Comprehensive rules for the biological science of Softech, along with hundreds of items and uses, such as specifically engineered creatures, biological starships and vehicles, physical enhancing microorganisms, grafts which can give any character wings, claws, natural weaponry, and much more. Softech is a science which can do anything conventional „hardtech“ sciences can do, and things unimagined until now.
  • Rules for creating metamorph characters with super-human powers.
  • Rules for bio-ships with layouts and diagrams, and bio-ship combat.
  • New skills and a new profession, the Softechnician.
  • New spells and psion lists as well as magic rules for dealing with technology and space travel. Dark Space can be used as a guide for adding technology to Rolemaster and magic to Space Master.
  • A detailed description of the creatures from the Entities From Deep Space section of Creatures and Treasures II, with new entities, their leaders, their insidious plots and motivations, and their foul Lairworld.
  • Non Player Characters and creatures both high and low level, and guidelines for creating a player character at any level for this unique environment.
  • Two detailed sample scenarios and numerous adventure ideas.

156 Seiten.
ISBN 1-55806-140-1

Exalted – Caste Book: Dawn

John Snead, Dawn Elliot
Caste Book: Dawn

Elemental forces of destruction, the Dawn Caste of the Solar Exalted is the mailed right fist of the Unconquered Sun. Yet these peerless warriors are not mere bloodthirsty killers. With its mighty war-arts and terrible visages, the Dawn Caste brings the light of the Unconquered Sun into dark places. Know fear, you who would stand against the warriors of the sun, for no one can hide from the light of dawn.
Caste Book: Dawn is first in the Caste Book line for Exalted – books describing the different castes of the Solar Exalted. Within its pages are all the secrets of the Swords of Heaven, from their matchless battle-Charms and fragmentary memories of the First Age to the creeds and philosophies that unite them. This book also contains the new Charms, rules, spells and artifacts that Dawn Caste characters will need to carry out their holy mission.

96 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-58846-653-1