BattleTech – Bloodname

Robert Thurston - BloodnameRobert Thurston
BattleTech Novel

Legend of the Jade Phoenix Volume 2.
Truebirth – Born in the laboratory, these genetically engineered soldiers train to be the ultimate warriors. They are the elite pilots of the Clan’s fearsome BattleMech war machines.
Freebirth – Born of the natural union of parents, these too are soldiers but pale imitations of their truebirth superiors. Despised for their imperfections, they fight where and when their Clan commands.
Aidan has failed his Trial of Position, the ranking test all truebirth warriors of the Clan Jade Falcon must pass. He is cast out. Disgraced. His rightful Bloodname is denied him.
But with a Bloodname all past failures are forgiven. With a Bloodname comes respect. With a Bloodname comes honor.
Aidan will do anything to gain that name. Even masquerade as the thing he has been taught to despise.
A freebirth.

287 Seiten. 1991.
ISBN 0-14-015242-3