BattleTech – Far Country

Peter Rice - Far CountryPeter L. Rice
Far Country
BattleTech Novel

The Draconis Combine claimed the loyalty of regular soldiers and mercenaries alike. But while the soldiers fought for honor, the mercenaries, the MechWarriors, fought for profit, selling their loyalty to the highest bidder.
When a freak hyperspace accident stranded both Takuda’s crack DEST troopers and Vost’s mercenary MechWarriors on a planet for which they had no name, survival seemed the first priority. But that was before they captured one of the birdlike natives of the planet and learned of the other humans who had crashlanded on this world five centuries before. Then suddenly the stakes changed. For Takuda was sworn to offer salvation to the war-torn enclaves of human civilization, while Vost was only too ready to destroy them all – if the price was right!

363 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 0-14-023347-4