BattleTech – First Strike!

BattleTech - Bryan Nystul - First StrikeBryan Nystul
First Strike!

Get into the game!
„All troops, into your ‚Mechs! This is not a drill – repeat, this is NOT a drill!“
„First Strike!“ is a unique „BattleTech“ game supplement created especially for players new to the game. It features thirteen ready-to-play scenarios that require only the contents of the boxed game to play: Nine scenarios for „BattleTech, Fourth Edition“, including a 3-part mini-campaign; three scenarios for „CityTech, Second Edition“, featuring battles from the Clan invasion; and one huge scenario that combines them both in a titanic struggle for survival!
New players and old hands alike can also create an endless variety of original scenarios with the new scenario-creation system. Extensive sections on tactics offer players of all skill levels new insights into „BattleTech“ and „CityTech“ gaming strategies. „First Strike!“ also includes new armored vehicles and OmniMech configurations for use with „CityTech“.

66 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 1-55560-283-5