BattleTech – Record Sheets Volume Five: Vehicles

Record Sheets Volume Five: Vehicles

BattleMechs may be the kings of the battlefield, but they aren’t the only things out there. This book is the first compilation of complete BattleTech statistics for vehicles of all kinds, from tanks and VTOLs to hovercraft and armored personnel carrriers. BattleTech Vehicle Record Sheets contains filled-out record sheets for more than 100 vehicles, including:

  • Behemoth Heavy Tank
  • Condor Heavy Hover Tank
  • Hetzer Wheeled Assault Gun
  • Goblin Medium Tank
  • J. Edgar Light Hover Tank
  • Manticore Heavy Tank
  • Savannah Master Hovercraft
  • Warrior H-7 Helicopter

ISBN 1-55560-166-9