Beyond the Gates of Antares – Rulebook

Rick Priestley
Beyond the Gates of Antares

A miniatures game of confrontation and battle in the Seventh Age of Antarean Space. Beyond the Gates of Antares is a miniature game set in the distant future, when mankind has spread throughout the realms of space and time following the discovery of a vast and incomprehensible network of inter-dimensional gateways: the Gates of Antares.
Rival civilisations compete to explore the Antarean nexus and expand their influence over untold millions of worlds. Galaxy spanning societies of humans, machines and aliens fight for survival in a universe in which knowledge is power and technology the key to ultimate supremacy.
The Beyond the Gates of Antares game can be played with relatively few models or, if preferred, with entire armies depending upon the tastes and ambitions of the players. This book contains all the rules of play, including details of futuristic weaponry, advanced equipment and various kinds of sentient combat drones as well as human troopers. Detailed background information and army lists are provided for the six principle factions of Antarean space:

  • PanHuman Concord
  • Isorian Shard
  • The Freeborn
  • Algoryn Prosperate
  • Boromites
  • Ghar Empire

259 Seiten. 2015.
ISBN 978-0-9930589-0-5