Boardgame – The New Dungeon! Game

The New Dungeon! Game

Explore strange catacombs. Battle fantastic creatures. Amass treasure beyond imagination. All this and more in the Dungeon! fantasy boardgame from the makers of the Dungeons & Dragons game.
The Dungeon! fantasy boardgame lets you play one of six characters – the mighty Warrior, the hearty Dwarf, the noble Paladin, the mysterious Magic-User, the elusive Thief, or the quick Elf – as you explore a dangerous labyrinth in search of riches and glory!
Move from room to room, fighting fearsome monsters and gathering treasures. The deeper in the Dungeon! you go, the greater the riches – and the deadlier the dangers!
The Dungeon! fantasy boardgame can be enjoyed by the entire family. The Basic Game is easy to learn and quick to play, while the Advanced Game adds magic spells, ambushes and cooperative attacks.
The Dungeon! fantasy boardgame comes complete with a large, full-color game board, 250 full-color cards, and six miniature fantasy playing pieces.
So come delving in the Dungeon! – if you dare.
A boardgame for 1 to 6 players, ages 8 and up.

Box. 1989.
ISBN 0-88038-733-5

Dragon Magazine 168 (UK), S. 33