Calendar – Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell’s Fantasy Calendar 2001

Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell’s Fantasy Calendar 2001

Two artists. One fantastical, astonishing world. It’s a world that’s dream-like, yet fiercely, exhilaratingly, vivid. It’s a world of intrepid heroes and heroines, mythic creatures and monsters, warriors, goddesses, and wizards. It’s a world where metal meets muscle, and where every moment is high in drama, high in electricity.
Teaming up for the first time in a remarkable pas-de-deux, husband-and-wife fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell marry the ripples and talons of Boris’s masterfully rendered flesh, bone, and beast, to the gleaming, stylized luster of Julie’s high-tech fancies.
Two metal-clad warrior-goddesses descend from a hovering warship. A mighty winged mech-cat carries his mistress to high ground, where they await Earth’s – and their own – destruction. A metallic man and woman play in the branches of an otherworldly tree. Linking the thirteen all-new paintings is „The Tech-Wizards Saga,“ written by C. J. Henderson, author of the Teddy London series.

Calendar. 2000.