Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1996

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1996

The vision is pure audacity. The art, pure anatomy. From America’s fore-most fantasy artist, Boris Vallejo, comes thirteen all-new paintings. Each one a flesh-and-blood realization of the impossible. Unicorns prance, strange weapons flash, mechanical worlds appear in the sky. A man’s back sprouts great beating wings; a female warrior battles through a maze, suspended in space and time. And a phantom shape-shifter clutches – in his all-too-human hand – a single rose.
Matching imaginations with Boris is Philip Jose Farmer, author of the Riverworld Series, who conjures his own myth cycle of Raltarnee and other evocative narratives to accompany each painting. Look. Read. Look again. And each month take a journey into the marvelous.

Calendar. 1996.