Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1998

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1998

Boris Vallejo begins with an anatomist’s understanding of every bone, muscle, shadow, and sinew of the human body, and ends somewhere beyond the reaches of time and space. In the end, he creates a world unlike any other. Now for 1998, America’s premier fantasy artist unveils thirteen all-new paintings, and explores anew the darkly arresting and seductive visions that haunt his mind.
Like pinups from an incomprehensible age, each month’s painting celebrates the human form – pitted against demons, beasts, sharp-fanged chimeras, and coiling manticores. A yellow-eyed enchantress crouches next to her guardian wolf. Chains broken, an escaped valkyrie and her slithering reptilian companion gaze down on a ruined city. Demons stalk, warlocks take aim, winged warriors raise their weapons – and a goddess finds a moment of repose. It is a web of pure visual fantasy, embellished by the writing of Philip Jose Farmer, award-winning author of The Riverworld Series.

Calendar. 1997.