Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1999

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1999

The torque of muscle against sinew. Bow-strung tendons. A warrior’s glaring gaze, a siren’s diaphanous wings. Fighters, Amazons, supernatural heroes and heroines, beasts and the Hounds of Hell, all thrown together in the floating craggy landscape of an alternate universe. From Boris Vallejo, America’s premiere fantasy artist, come thirteen dazzling new paintings, each a world unto itself and unlike any other.
Conceived in a dark night of the soul but rendered in the clear, unflinching light of an old master’s studio, each month’s painting marries the beautiful and the unthinkable. Goddesses wrapped in bands of gold and leather. Mermaid and merman gliding in the deep. A swarm of mechanical butterflies, a threatening pterosaur, a vanquished army of insects – and a heroine’s scimitar raised high, dripping with slime. All are woven into an epic, „The Dreamed Worlds of the Dreamers,“ written for the calendar by Philip Jose Farmer, author of the award-winning Riverworld Series.

Calendar. 1998.