Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 2000

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 2000

Muscles tensed. Tendons taut. Hands clenched in a fist. Fangs glistening. Eyes glowing red with blood lust. Reptilian wings snapping in the ether, talons curled and razor-sharp. Weapons raised, and the struggle – epic, doomful – about to begin. On one side, heroes and heroines, warriors, goddesses, wizards, and amazons. On the other, the unspeakable. Surrounded and immersed in a landscape at once forbidding and seductive, like a stage setting for our worst nightmares.
A conjuror, a magician whose tools are paintbrush and palette and whose extraordinary eye is matched only by the depths of his dark imagination, Boris Vallejo is America’s premier fantasy artist, a Michelangelo of the otherworldly. For his 2000 calendar Boris presents thirteen all-new paintings. A panoply of myths and monsters, the work is linked together into a saga of storytelling by C. J. Henderson, author of the Teddy London series.

Calendar. 1999.