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Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 2000

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 2000

Muscles tensed. Tendons taut. Hands clenched in a fist. Fangs glistening. Eyes glowing red with blood lust. Reptilian wings snapping in the ether, talons curled and razor-sharp. Weapons raised, and the struggle – epic, doomful – about to begin. On one side, heroes and heroines, warriors, goddesses, wizards, and amazons. On the other, the unspeakable. Surrounded and immersed in a landscape at once forbidding and seductive, like a stage setting for our worst nightmares.
A conjuror, a magician whose tools are paintbrush and palette and whose extraordinary eye is matched only by the depths of his dark imagination, Boris Vallejo is America’s premier fantasy artist, a Michelangelo of the otherworldly. For his 2000 calendar Boris presents thirteen all-new paintings. A panoply of myths and monsters, the work is linked together into a saga of storytelling by C. J. Henderson, author of the Teddy London series.

Calendar. 1999.

Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1999

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1999

The torque of muscle against sinew. Bow-strung tendons. A warrior’s glaring gaze, a siren’s diaphanous wings. Fighters, Amazons, supernatural heroes and heroines, beasts and the Hounds of Hell, all thrown together in the floating craggy landscape of an alternate universe. From Boris Vallejo, America’s premiere fantasy artist, come thirteen dazzling new paintings, each a world unto itself and unlike any other.
Conceived in a dark night of the soul but rendered in the clear, unflinching light of an old master’s studio, each month’s painting marries the beautiful and the unthinkable. Goddesses wrapped in bands of gold and leather. Mermaid and merman gliding in the deep. A swarm of mechanical butterflies, a threatening pterosaur, a vanquished army of insects – and a heroine’s scimitar raised high, dripping with slime. All are woven into an epic, „The Dreamed Worlds of the Dreamers,“ written for the calendar by Philip Jose Farmer, author of the award-winning Riverworld Series.

Calendar. 1998.

Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1998

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1998

Boris Vallejo begins with an anatomist’s understanding of every bone, muscle, shadow, and sinew of the human body, and ends somewhere beyond the reaches of time and space. In the end, he creates a world unlike any other. Now for 1998, America’s premier fantasy artist unveils thirteen all-new paintings, and explores anew the darkly arresting and seductive visions that haunt his mind.
Like pinups from an incomprehensible age, each month’s painting celebrates the human form – pitted against demons, beasts, sharp-fanged chimeras, and coiling manticores. A yellow-eyed enchantress crouches next to her guardian wolf. Chains broken, an escaped valkyrie and her slithering reptilian companion gaze down on a ruined city. Demons stalk, warlocks take aim, winged warriors raise their weapons – and a goddess finds a moment of repose. It is a web of pure visual fantasy, embellished by the writing of Philip Jose Farmer, award-winning author of The Riverworld Series.

Calendar. 1997.

Calendar – Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1996

Boris Vallejo
Boris Vallejo’s Fantasy Calendar 1996

The vision is pure audacity. The art, pure anatomy. From America’s fore-most fantasy artist, Boris Vallejo, comes thirteen all-new paintings. Each one a flesh-and-blood realization of the impossible. Unicorns prance, strange weapons flash, mechanical worlds appear in the sky. A man’s back sprouts great beating wings; a female warrior battles through a maze, suspended in space and time. And a phantom shape-shifter clutches – in his all-too-human hand – a single rose.
Matching imaginations with Boris is Philip Jose Farmer, author of the Riverworld Series, who conjures his own myth cycle of Raltarnee and other evocative narratives to accompany each painting. Look. Read. Look again. And each month take a journey into the marvelous.

Calendar. 1996.

Calendar – Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell’s Fantasy Calendar 2001

Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell’s Fantasy Calendar 2001

Two artists. One fantastical, astonishing world. It’s a world that’s dream-like, yet fiercely, exhilaratingly, vivid. It’s a world of intrepid heroes and heroines, mythic creatures and monsters, warriors, goddesses, and wizards. It’s a world where metal meets muscle, and where every moment is high in drama, high in electricity.
Teaming up for the first time in a remarkable pas-de-deux, husband-and-wife fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell marry the ripples and talons of Boris’s masterfully rendered flesh, bone, and beast, to the gleaming, stylized luster of Julie’s high-tech fancies.
Two metal-clad warrior-goddesses descend from a hovering warship. A mighty winged mech-cat carries his mistress to high ground, where they await Earth’s – and their own – destruction. A metallic man and woman play in the branches of an otherworldly tree. Linking the thirteen all-new paintings is „The Tech-Wizards Saga,“ written by C. J. Henderson, author of the Teddy London series.

Calendar. 2000.

CD – Musica Vagantium: Weisen aus alten und älteren Zeiten

Musica Vagantium
Weisen aus alten und älteren Zeiten

1. Mayen zeit
2. Gaudete
3. Estampida
4. Orientis partibus
5. Salva nos
6. Alle, psallite
7. Quant je sui mis
8. Winder wie ist
9. Trubte v trubu
10. Ductia
11. Miri it is
12. Nobilis, humilis
13. Trotto
14. Huius sit memoria
15. Quen serve Santa Maria
16. Miri it is bonus remix
17. Gaudete bonus remix

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