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d20 – Star Wars: Alien Anthology

Steve Miller, Owen K.C. Stephens
Alien Anthology
d20/ Star Wars RPG

Hundreds of thousands of star systems span the vastness of space, and a million million species inhabit the worlds of those systems. Every soldier who has survived a tour of duty in some out-of-the-way place and every smuggler who has hidden her ship on some strange world bumps into the local fauna sooner or later. Most of them wished they had the information this book contains.

  • Dozens of the most remarkable species and aliens with complete game statistics, spanning all eras of play
  • Rules for applying class characteristics to sentient species
  • Special environmental templates to add to existing creatures for new and interesting variations
  • Lots of adventure seeds

127 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 0-7869-2663-5

d20 – Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside

Jeffrey Quinn
Interludes: Brief Expeditions to Bluffside
Sourcebook/ Adventure

A d20 Adventure for 2nd-Level Characters.
With the first flakes of winter snow in the air your party finally sees the end of a long journey in the hamlet of Kirkwood. Fornheim, the caravan master, has paid you well for keeping him and his profits safe for the last four months. Your escort is at an end. Bluffside, city of wonder and excitement, calls. Just a few loose ends and you can leave for your new lives of action and adventure.

  • 12 new creatures
  • 2 new spells
  • 11 new items
  • 2 new prestige classes
  • 2 new feats
  • 12+ new places of interest in Kirkwood
  • 30+ new NPCs
  • All part of the Bluffside: City on the Edge saga

63 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 0-9713241-1-5

d20 – Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Termana

Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Termana
Scarred Lands Sourcebook

A land of verdant jungles, steaming swamps and impassable mountains, Termana is a wild land full of diverse and often dangerous cultures – from the notorious Charduni Empire to the ancient high elven nations to the infamous Carnival of Shadows. This volume details the history of the Scarred Lands‘ southern continent, from the vast titan-worshipping empires that once covered it to the shattered cultures that struggle for dominance in the current era.

220 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-58846-142-4

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d20 – Nightmares & Dreams

Nightmares & Dreams: A Creature Collection
The Hunt: Rise of Evil Core Book

Nightmares and Dreams is a d20 System core book for The Hunt: Rise of Evil campaign setting that presents a menagerie of creatures and items that demonstrate the power that our dreams and nightmares might have on other realms.
Although, the material presented here relates to The Hunt: Rise of Evil, it can easily be adapted to any d20 campaign.
Each entry has an original vignette that helps to explain the origin of the creature and also serves to set the mood for adventures based around these monsters.

71 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 0-9708265-2-4

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d20 – I, Mordred

I, Mordred: The Fall and Rise of Camelot

In Ancient England, a tyrant king holds the land in the grip of fear. With the might of a magical sword and the threatened return of a long-dead sorcerer, this fiend holds the noble, the good, and the true in his sway, squelching the will of the people and denying the claim of the rightful heir to the throne. The villain’s name is Arthur.
Return to a world you only think you know. I, Mordred returns to the original legends of King Arthur as a mad dictator, clinging to power through use of his enforcers, the Knights of the Round Table. His son, Mordred, is the rightful heir and struggles to amass an army in the name of justice to usurp his father’s throne. And in the background, Arthur’s wicked half-sister, Morgan le Fey, schemes to control England’s ultimate destiny. This is a land crumbling in decay, desperately in search of heroes.

64 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 1-932091-00-9

d20 – Chaositech

Monte Cook

Chaos seethes with the primal forces of the universe. The strong can harness its power within strange devices unlike anything the world has ever seen: chaositech. This unique sourcebook from 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook introduces chaos-powered items that resemble both technology and magic, but are truly neither. Within these pages, discover the secrets of devices like the cohesion blaster, the darkness imbiber, and fleshworkers.
Chaositech also contains rules for chaos magic, including dozens of new spells, original skills, feats, and prestige classes. Topping it all off is a rundown of the major chaos cults, a collection of mutation rules, plus details on the chaosomaton, fused aberration, and other all-new chaotic monsters – including the Galchutt, the very Lords of Chaos themselves.
Much of the content of Chaositech comes directly from Monte Cook’s long-running home campaign. It’s proven material ready to drop into any game. The rules have been designed to suit players of both v.3.0 and 3.5 of the d20 System. Now you too can harness the wild power of chaos with this d20 sourcebook!

111 Seiten. 2004.
ISBN 1-58846-056-8

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d20 – The Crucible of Freya

Clark Peterson
The Crucible of Freya
Adventure W1

Shadows and Light
The trees part before you, revealing the crumbling walls of the ruined keep. Only hours ago, you set off after the marauding orc band responsible for the destruction of the temple of Freya and the theft of its sacred crucible. But something else waits for you within the ruined walls. Something darker and far more sinister. Something that has hidden from the light for ages.
The first in a new series of D20 adventures by Necromancer Games, „The Crucible of Freya“ is a challenging introductory adventure for any fantasy campaign. Detailing the village of Fairhill, the surrounding wilderness and a nearby ruined keep, as well as the dungeon levels beneath, this adventure module provides all the material a DM needs to start his or her new Third Edition campaign. Will your characters learn what dark forces are behind the orc raids?

47 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-56504-485-1

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d20 – The Rookie’s Guide to Crazes

Marc Farimond
The Rookie’s Guide to Crazes
The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game/ d20

Mega-City One is one of the craziest places on Earth to live. Over 400 million souls crammed into an already overpopulated city often causes tensions to flare and temperatures to rise. Unemployment is almost 100% in the Big Meg, with only one in ten citizens ever getting full time employment at some time in their lives, leaving a bored populace with very little to do. It is little wonder that many of the citizens in Mega-City One turn to pastimes and other activties to relieve the tedium of everyday life.
From flying high at breakneck speeds on a powerboard, to soaring on thermal currents in a bat glider suit, to using cosmetics to make oneself hideously ugly, every craze has its highs, lows and devoted followers and it is these crazes that help make Mega-City One the place it is.
Inside you will find:

  • Skysurfing: Of all the crazes that have swept Mega-City One, none have had such an impact as the hit pastime of powerboarding or skysurfing.
  • Pro-Eating: Fatties are those who eat for fun and they live for one thing and one thing only, their love of food.
  • Batgliding: Considered by many a pastime for the older generation, batgliding is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for crocks and eldsters.
  • Shuggy: The king of all table games has to be shuggy. It is played in more bars, clubs, restaurants and shuggy halls across the world than any other game.
  • Scrawling: Perhaps the most common form of arrest among young juves and often the first on a long rap sheet will be that of scrawling.
  • Feeding the Masses: Tri-D plays an important part in the lives of most citizens of the Big-Meg, even if it only acts to relieve the tedium between waking and sleeping hours.
  • All Creatures Great and Small: Each year millions of citizens will apply to the Justice Department for a pet permit so that they can own their very own furry or scaly friend.
  • Getting Ugly: One of the strangest and popular crazes is the one that uses the products of one Otto Fester Sump, the world’s ugliest man.

64 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 1-903980-72-0

d20 – The Night of Dissolution

Monte Cook
The Night of Dissolution
Ptolus Adventure

For Characters of 4th to 9th Level.
The adventures in The Night of Dissolution pit the player characters against the darkest forces the city of Ptolus has ever faced. Following the threads of a hidden conspiracy, the characters find themselves up against insane cultists, wild chaos magic, and horrors from the primordial days of the world.
The urban intrigue, dungeon exploration, and high action take PCs to a former brothel, the laboratory of the dreaded Surgeon in the Shadows, and even secret temples of chaos. It all culminates as the characters attempt to stave off the Night of Dissolution: a dark time long foretold when the slumbering Lords of Chaos will awaken in their hidden lairs deep below the city – and bring catastrophe to the world.

95 Seiten. 2006.
ISBN 1-58846-939-5

d20 – Islands of Gold

Islands of Gold: The Midnight Archipelago
d20/ 7th Sea

It lies on the far edge of civilization, a tropical island chain thousands of miles from any land. They call it the Midnight Archipelago; it holds enough wealth to tempt the greatest kings, and enough dangers to turn brave men white with fear. Here, stalwart explorers chart the lost ruins of alien civilizations, pirates carve personal empires in blood and gold, and hidden jungles hold monstrous beings unseen since the dawn of man. From the black magic of Sange Tara to the pirates‘ paradise of the Straits of Blood, come venture to the furthest reaches of the sea, and see what thrilling adventures await.
Islands of Gold contains a wealth of information on the mysterious tropical islands known as the Midnight Archipelago. Though set in the world of Theah, its contents are easily transferable to any swashbuckling-style campaign.

  • Complete details on eight islands – each more deadly than the last – including maps, adventure hooks, new monsters, and more!
  • A history of the region, including tips for running campaigns there.
  • Page after page of new rules, including possession magic, Swordsman Schools, new prestige classes, and a dark twist on sorcerous bloodlines.
  • Fully compatible with both d20 System rules and the classic 7th Sea system!

96 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 1-887953-98-1