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Board Game – Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest
Basic Dungeons & Dragons
Board Game

The world of the Dragon Quest Game is full of evil dragons, mysterious dungeons, horrible monsters, fatal traps, and valuable treasure. You and up to five of your friends can role-play fierce warriors, magical wizards, even elves and dwarves. Step-by-step the danger and suspense increase as your party experiences one adventure after another, especially when you make up new adventures as you go!
The Dragon Quest Game contains:

  • 180 full-color game cards with magic, monsters, traps and treasure
  • Two game books: a 32-page rulebook and a 24-page adventure book
  • Complete set of seven adventure dice
  • Six plastic heroic figures
  • Brilliantly illustrated, folding game board
  • Dozens of full-color standup counters for heroes, monsters, and doors

Box. 1992.
ISBN 1-56076-552-6

Basic D&D – Ratgeber für Spieler: Buch I (Ausbau Set)

Ratgeber für Spieler: Buch I (Ausbau Set)
Basic Dungeons & Dragons (BECMI)

Dieses Regelheft ist Teil der Box „Ausbau Set“. Es beschreibt das Spiel mit Charakteren der 15.-25. Stufe.
Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Das sich wandelnde Spiel
  • Spiele höherer Stufen
  • Wege zur Unsterblichkeit
  • Reisen oder Siedeln
  • Neue Waffen und Rüstungen
  • Waffenloser Kampf
  • Festungen
  • Andere Aktivitäten
  • Charakter-Klassen-Beschreibungen
  • Halbmenschen-Charakterklassen

30 Seiten. 1984.
ISBN 3-89084-027-2

Basic D&D – Ratgeber für D&D-Master: Buch II (Ausbau Set)

Ratgeber für D&D-Master: Buch II (Ausbau Set)
Basic Dungeons & Dragons (BECMI)

Das Nachschlagewerk des klassischen D&D für Spiele mit Charakteren der 15. bis 25. Stufe. Dieses Heft ist Teil des D&D Ausbau Sets. Es enthält Informationen zu Kampagnen, Verfahrensweisen, Monstern und Schätzen. Darüber hinaus finden sich hier drei Kurzabenteuer für hochstufige Charaktere.

60 Seiten.
ISBN 3-89084-028-0

Basic D&D – The Eastern Countries Trail Map

The Eastern Countries Trail Map
Basic Dungeons & Dragons
Accessory TM2

Fantasy worlds are vast, with many strange places to discover and marvel. But only the best of travelers find their way by the stars alone. For the wise and the true adventurers, only Trail Maps will do.
From the northern reaches of Vestland to Thyatis, and as far east as the mighty Isle of Dawn, TM2 picks up where TM1 ended. TM2 shows the eastern D&D Game Known World and brings new facts about traveling costs, rates of exchange, universities, geopolitical intelligence, and more!
All this comes in 8-miles per hex Gazetteer style, on a grand 36“ by 57“, highly detailed, full-color map.

Map. 1989.
ISBN 0-88038-783-1

Basic D&D – In the Phantom’s Wake

dd-1st-in-the-phantoms-wakeDale „Slade“ Henson
In the Phantom’s Wake
Basic Dungeons & Dragons
Thunder Rift Adventure

Not long ago, a magical vortex released into the lands of Thunder Rift a strange and haunted ship from another time and place. A cursed ship, bad luck for those who see it.
The party never wanted to see the ship, much less board it. However, the mystical astrolabe they found must have had great power – at least enough to send them here. Too bad it’s missing now. Will the heroes find a way off the haunted ship, or are they doomed to sail strange seas forever?

  • Recommended for four to six characters of third to fifth levels
  • Can be played with or without a Dungeon Master
  • Includes: New Magic, Color Poster Map, Monster Stand-Ups, and an Easy-To-Follow Format
  • This module can also be played with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition rules.

ISBN 1-56076-664-6

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Basic D&D – Festung im Grenzland (1981)

dd-1st-festung-im-grenzland-1981Gary Gygax
Festung im Grenzland
Basic Dungeons & Dragons
Abenteuermodul B2

Trutzige Festungen entlang der Grenze sind das Rückgrat der Verteidigung. Der Dienst dort ist schwer und gefährlich – Hilfe wird dringend gebraucht. Wagemutige Abenteurer schließen sich zusammen, um den Mächten des Bösen von der Grenzfestung aus entgegenzutreten. Das Ziel der Gruppe: Die Chaos-Höhlen, Hort sagenhafter Schätze, aber auch sagenhafter Ungeheuer.
Und Sie sind mit dabei! Sie können viel gewinnen, aber auch etwas verlieren: Ihr Leben.
Für Charaktere der Erfahrungsstufen 1-3.

36 Seiten. 1981.
ISBN 3-89084-003-5

Basic D&D – Assault on Raven’s Ruin

dd-1st-assault-on-ravens-ruinTim Beach
Assault on Raven’s Ruin
Basic Dungeons & Dragons
Thunder Rift Adventure

An entry level module for levels 2-3.
In the canyon of Thunder Rift, in the village of Kleine, goblins have always been a nuisance, but the natives have dealt with them and continued an otherwise peaceful existence. Now, a valuable magical item, called the ’scepter of truth‘, has disappeared! The ingenuity of the crime bears the mark of the goblins‘ leader, the Master Thief Raven. The scepter must be recovered, but there is no one in Kleine with the strength and courage to penetrate Raven’s trap-laden hide-out, deep in goblin territory. A party of stout adventurers might survive the mission, but they will have to be quick, smart, and especially careful.
This module has been created especially for the inexperienced Dungeon Master and players who are interested in the exploration of dungeons and ruins.

  • Recommended for four to six characters, levels 2-3.
  • A large map sheet and stand-up figures are provided.
  • Only the Dungeons & Dragons Game Box is needed to play this adventure.
  • Can be used in conjunction with several other adventures and accessories based in Thunder Rift, or it can stand alone.
  • Features easy-to-follow rules for smoother role-playing.

16 Seiten. 1992.
ISBN 1-56076-379-5

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