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GURPS 3rd – Magic Items 2 (Second Printing)

Drew Bittner
Magic Items 2

GURPS Magic Items 2 once again opens the doors to shops full of arcane artifacts and enchanted objects. From magical weaponry to marvelous tools, this book provides detailed descriptions of over 450 completely new items.
All of the familiar magical shops from Magic Items 1 are here, with new items for armor and protection, magical weaponry, mystical healing, necromantic magic, curses, tricks and traps, and more. In addition, this book introduces eight new shops that magic-seeking adventurers can visit, with items for bardic magic, adventuring, holy magic, and entertainment.
Also included are:

  • Enchantment – Expanded rules on alternate methods of enchantment, including a detailed section on enchanting holy magic items, primitive enchantment, improvised enchantments, and creating runic items.
  • Quirking – Optional rules for adding quirks to enchanted items. Complete tables are provided to give GMs the ultimate flexibility in personalizing magic items – from swords that cough to cloaks that insult their wearers.
  • Spellbooks – A detailed section on creating and using Spellbooks as tools for mages.

128 Seiten. 1999 (Second Printing).
ISBN 1-55634-207-1

GURPS – Religion

Janet Naylor, Caroline Julian

So you want to dance with the gods. You want a priest who can call down bolts of power from the skies. You want to cure the diseased and dying, and you want hordes of fanatic followers to bow to your every command.
What you need is GURPS Religion.
GURPS Religion gives you everything you need to delve into the mysteries of creation and divine power. It opens up whole new vistas of roleplaying. Recreate gods from fantasy and myth, or create your own pantheon and answer the cosmic questions…
Who created the universe, and why? Is there one deity or many? Are the deities wise and benevolent, or are they rash and vengeful? How do the characters get divine power?
GURPS Religion allows you to design a complete cosmos. It also helps you decide what part (if any) the gods play in characters‘ day-to-day lives, and how to create the social institutions we know as religions.
There are also sections on designing clerical characters, and rules for the magical powers granted to the faithful.
Power, magic, birth, death and intrigue. The world of the gods is vast and complex. You can be a pawn of the powers that be. Or you can make the universe bend to your will.
You have the knowledge. You have the power. Create the Universe!

176 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 1-55634-202-0

GURPS – Iron Cross

Gene Seabolt
WWII: Iron Cross

Explore the dark heart and soul of Nazi Germany, from its seemingly unstoppable beginnings to its fiery end, in GURPS WWII: Iron Cross! Inside, you’ll find details on:

  • The war as the Germans saw it, from the glory of Poland to the grim rubble of Berlin.
  • The Wehrmacht – perhaps the finest fighting force of WWII.
  • Creating and customizing German characters from all walks of life.
  • Weapons, from pistols to massive rockets, found nowhere else.
  • Daily life inside the Reich.
  • Tips on capaigns from the brutally realistic to cinematic gadgeteers developing Nazi flying saucers.

All this and more awaits for those with the courage to peer inside the evil that Hitler created.

128 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 1-55634-593-3

GURPS – Motor Pool

Hans-Christian Vortisch
WWII: Motor Pool

World War II raged from the deserts of North Africa to the jungles of the South Pacific, from the mountaindrops of the Alps to the beaches of Normandy, across (and under) the high seas, and through the skies above it all. Soldiers in all of these places relied upon the machines of war: bombers, fighters, tanks, jeeps, ships, submarines, landing craft, and much more.
GURPS WWII: Motor Pool has a huge variety of historically accurate vehicles from mankind’s greatest conflict. Many of the vehicles were common; others were rare or even unique. From the stodgy General Lee tank to the earliest helicopters and the wildly impractical Maus, Motor Pool has tons of new gear for every GURPS WWII player.
Motor Pool also gathers in one place all the refinements to the vehicle design system that have evolved since the original corebook came out, as well as a new system to describe any WWII-era conveyance in a few simple steps. These additions include scores of new weapons to be fitted on your war machines – some historical and some products of the imagination.
On top of all that, Motor Pool has advice on how to integrate vehicles into a roleplaying campaign, with details on how vehicle crews really lived and fought, from the difficulties of supply to getting their machine moving at all. Whether you’re campaigning by land, by sea, or by air, Motor Pool dramatically expands your options!

128 Seiten. 2004.
ISBN 1-55634-642-5


Gene Seabolt
Rulebook/ Sourcebook

Fight for Freedom!
You, too, can do your share for democracy in GURPS WWII! Explore the defining conflict of the 20th century in this, the first in a comprehensive line of sourcebooks. Within these pages you’ll find a complete game, including:

  • A history and overview of the war that transformed the globe.
  • Reviews of the nations and armies in the thick of the fighting, including their tactics and weapons.
  • A modular vehicle-design system for recreating rare equipment, tailoring a unique arsenal in alternate-history campaigns, or simply perfecting the unstoppable tank!
  • Details on life behind the front lines – from partisan or special operations against the enemy, to keeping the home fires burning back in the states.
  • A new version of the GURPS Lite rules, tailored for campaigning in WWII!

With these rules, you can launch any sort of action using the war as the backdrop – from grittily realistic shootouts in the shattered streets of Stalingrad to costumed supers rampaging through panzer divisions in defense of country and flag – or anything else you can imagine!

208 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-55634-565-8

GURPS – Reign of Steel

David Pulver
Reign of Steel

It is 2047 A.D. The robot revolt is over, and the machines have won! Now the world has been divided into 18 different Zones, each ruled by a computer demigod.
In many Zones, humans still survive – but they are no longer masters of the world. Some are slaves, others wander in a bleak landscape… and a few are fighters, striving to regain a lost inheritance: the Earth!
Enter a future where humans battle to awaken from a mechanical nightmare: GURPS Reign of Steel.
GURPS Reign of Steel includes:

  • Character and campaign ideas. Players can take on the role of cunning junk-rats, nomadic robot-riders, mercenary cybersoldiers, half-animal bioroids, rogue robots, and many other characters.
  • Dozens of robot designs, from lethal exterminators to tiny repair ‚bots.
  • Full details of Machine installations, from robofacs and slave camps to fortress-citadels of the zoneminds.

128 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-55634-330-2

GURPS – New Sun

Michael Andre-Driussi
New Sun

Explore a culture built upon the ruins of countless civilizations stretching back for countless millennia. Embrace a society where time travel is an everyday occurrence – but time is no longer measured.
Negotiate a world in which the mundane, the advanced, and the paranormal commingle freely – a place where the officer classes fight duels to the death using extraterrestrial flowers.
Envision a juncture in time where two potential futures hang in the balance: one a Golden Age of rebirth, the other an icy grave of permanent winter.
GURPS New Sun explores the world of the Book of the New Sun, the award-winning masterpiece of science fiction by Gene Wolfe.
GURPS New Sun chronicles the Age of the Autarch, a time past time, foreign and majestic. Its world of Urth reveals delicate beauty and savage brutality in a cynosure of technology and magery. Swords and lasers co-exist with clones and concubines, cowboys and Indians, knights and ladies, mechanical men and sailing starships.
GURPS New Sun also details the story of Severian, a common journeyman in the Torturers‘ Guild who rises to become the central figure in the Age of the Autarch – and in all of time itself.
Through it all, the reader will become familiar with the exotic language and patterns of thought that made theBook of the New Sun the landmark of science fiction that it is.

128 Seiten. 1999.
ISBN 1-55634-416-3

GURPS – Lensman Second Edition

Sean Barrett
Lensman Second Edition

Before the creation of the myriad planets of the galaxies, two worlds, and two races were already ancient – and already locked in a war of extinction. Even Arisia’s supreme powers of the mind cannot restrain the Eddorian lust for dominance. Quarter or compromise is impossible. The only possible outcome is complete, utter annihilation.
The prize: the entire universe. The pawns on this final battleground: the young races of the galaxies – young races like humanity.
But pawns can be promoted. The Arisians have forged, eon by eon, a weapon of prodigious power, a hammer of war to smash Eddore and rid the universe of their transdimensional evil.
The Lensmen of the Galactic Patrol.
Eddore, too, has its playing pieces, arrayed in a network of drugs and crime that riddles the galaxies. Their conspiracy has infiltrated every world of Civilization with tentacles of corruption and decay. Their reach is universal, their power all but unstoppable, their ruthlessness and cruelty absolute. Many lives will be lost – Lensmen’s lives. But Lensmen are responsible for the defense of Civilization itself. Lensmen always go in.
Such is the Lensmen’s Load.
Welcome to the Universe of the Lens.
Welcome to total war.

128 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-55634-527-5

GURPS – IOU: Illuminati University

Elizabeth McCoy, Walter Milliken
IOU: Illuminati University

Admit it. College would have been more fun if you were allowed to blow up the instructors. And you really would have liked to major in Military Biology, Anti-Social Sciences, Double-Entendre Bookkeeping, or Computer Wizardry. Too bad you didn’t know about IOU.
Illuminati University is THE best place to learn Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. With departments like Weird and Unusual Science and Engineering, Inapplicable Mathematics, Misanthropology, and Zen Surrealism… not to mention extracurricular activities like Democrats for Cthulhu, Moopsball, and food fights that set off nuclear alerts… this is college as it should have been. And gadgets? Everything from the Crockpot of the Gods to the Enigmatic Alien Device Button-Pushing Table.
Illustrated by the one and only (two and only?) Phil and Kaja Foglio, this book supports three different campaign styles… Silly, Weird,and Darkly Illuminated.
GURPS IOU takes you from creating a character to enrolling in classes, to study, finals, and the occasional academic blood feud, all the way to graduation.
If you survive.

128 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-55634-206-3

GURPS – Illuminati

Nigel Findley

The Secret Masters have denied all knowledge of the various conspiracy theories put forth in the recently published GURPS Illuminati.
„To begin with, we don’t even exist,“ said a spokesman. „The Illuminati are a myth.“ He went on to deny specifically that:

  • Everything you read in the tabloids is true! Aliens regularly visit Earth, and are in contact with high government officials.
  • The Men in Black are everywhere, and will snatch you from your home if you ask too many questions or just see something you shouldn’t see.
  • Orbital Mind Control satellites cruise the skies, influencing international politics and deciding the fate of billions.
  • The Gnomes of Zurich control the world’s monetary supply, and manipulate it to fit their own sinister plans.
  • The world is such a complex web of secrets, mysteries and conspiracies that nobody really knows what is happening. But everyone in power lies all the time.
  • The only way to protect yourself is to join the conspiracy. But even then, you’ll never know who is pulling your strings.
  • Everything you know is a lie. Everything you suspect is true. The world is a very strange place. Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

The publishers of GURPS Illuminati, Steve Jackson Games, admitted that it was a work of fiction, but added „It’s all true anyway! Just look at the book. It’s closer than you think.“

128 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-55634-223-3