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Champions – Kingdom of Champions

Phil Masters
Kingdom of Champions

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. You are, I think, the – ahem – ‚All American Heroes‘? Jolly Good.
Now, You’ve all had to come over to Britain for some reason. Chasing someone? A puzzle? You needed a holiday? Well, whatever the reason, we’re sure you’ll like it here. However, there are a few things you’ll need to know.
The fact is, we do things a bit differently here. We drive on the left, so do be careful with that car of yours. And our police aren’t usually armed. In fact, guns are a bit of a rarity. Perhaps we can make some arrangements for your equipment, but don’t expect us to appreciate it if you go waving your bally artillery around in public!
Not that we don’t have problems of our own; you can expect some supervillains of course, especially M.A.C.E. We have heroes too, such as the New Knights of the Round Table – Her Majesty’s Government needed something – and freelancers, of course. What you’d expect, really, given that we had King Arthur and Robin Hood centuries before Columbus was playing with toy boats.
Yes, maybe you should read a bit before you rush in. Fortunately, we have just what you need… It’s time to leave the New York skyscrapers, the Mojave Desert, even the depths of space, and come to a country where the traditions go back centuries and you’ll think you speak the language.
This is Modern Britain, the Kingdom of Champions!

207 Seiten. 1990.
ISBN 1-55806-104-5

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Hero System – Terran Empire

James Cambias
Terran Empire
Hero System/ Star Hero

Terran Empire chronicles the history and adventures of Humanity from 2400 to 2700. After narrowly defeating the terrifying Xenovores, Humans reunite under the banner of the Empire and soon rule nearly a fifth of the Galaxy. But power corrupts, and eventually the Empire declines into oppression and tyranny, forcing rebel heroes to band together and overthrow it.
Terran Empire includes:

  • a complete history of the 2400-2700 period, chronicling the Empire’s rise, period of prosperity and power, and eventual fall into corruption and cruelty
  • character creation guidelines, including dozens of Species and Professional Package Deals
  • a review of galactic politics and society
  • extensive starship and equipment chapters
  • a wealth of campaign options – everything from free trading, to military adventures, to exploration, to leading the rebellion that eventually overthrows the Empire
  • hundreds of scenario hooks for GMs and character ideas for players
  • a separate GM’s Vault section for „GM only“ information, so players can use the book without learning any of the secrets the GM plans to create adventures around

207 Seite. 2003.
ISBN 1-58366-011-9

Champions – UNTIL Superpowers Database

Steven S. Long
UNTIL Superpowers Database

Sometimes a player or GM needs to create a Champions character as quickly and easily as possible. The UNTIL Superpowers Database lets him do just that by providing thousands of sample superpowers. Covering the entire spectrum of potential powers and power types, the Superpowers Database makes playing or running Champions games even easier and more fun!
The Superpowers Database includes:

  • complete descriptions of superpowers in over forty categories, including Cyberkinesis, Gravity, Matter Manipulation, Shape Alteration, Time and Weather Control
  • a „power template“ for each power, making it easy to determine the basics of a power at a glance, but also including a complete Hero System write-up of the power for copying to a character sheet
  • multiple versions of most powers, to make it easier for each gamer to tailor a power to suit the character or ability he has in mind
  • writeups and rules explanations both for common superpowers (fire blasts, teleportation, force fields) and for unusual powers such as bodyjacking, inertia alteration, reflex copying, and power transference.

Whatever type of character you have in mind, The UNTIL Superpowers Database has plenty of ideas and options to make him even better!

272 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-58366-013-5

Champions – Champions Battlegrounds

Champions Battlegrounds
Sourcebook/ Adventure

Champions Battlegrounds is a collection of five adventures for Champions, each focusing on a particular location that you can use repeatedly in your campaign. You can run the scenarios individually, or as part of a single story arc. Do your heroes have what it takes to survive:

  • A Walk In The Park, in which several villains lure them to a peaceful park for a confrontation with a sinister purpose
  • Let’s Go To The Maul, when a day of peaceful shopping turns into an encounter with the lunatic supervillain Foxbat
  • Fatal Attractions, in which the murderous Black Harlequin turns a superhero-themed amusement park into a deathtrap-filled killing ground
  • Under Construction, a half-finished skyscraper that becomes the focus of conflict between the powerful mutant supervillain Holocaust and the mutant-hating Institute for Human Advancement, and
  • Down In The Hole, in which a fiendish new supervillain reveals his involvement in all the above adventures and puts the heroes to their hardest challenge yet?

No matter how powerful your heroes, Champions Battlegrounds has challenges galore for them!

127 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-58366-015-1

Hero System – The Spell Book

Aaron Allston, Mike Nystul
The Spell Book
Hero System

Spells for Fantasy Hero.
Now Fantasy Hero gamers can have dozens of spells at their fingertips! Here you’ll find answers to such timeless questions as: „What is metamorphosis?“, „How do you get to another dimension?“, and „Do my levels add to my targeting roll?“ Included are all sorts of guidelines and advice designed to make the lives of Wizards, and GMs, a little easier. There’s a section that clarifies the original Fantasy Hero rules and offers optional expansions. Hero guru Aaron Allston contributes an informative treatise on designing magic systems. A sample organization is included which can be used to introduce magic into any existing campaign. And then there are the spells themselves (78 of them, culled from nearly a dozen campaigns). Each includes details on preparation, casting, results, and history.
The Spell Book has everything needed for instant Wizardry!
The Spell Book includes:

  • 78 spells, most with 4 power level variations
  • Guidelines for using Fantasy Hero in almost any fantasy setting
  • Errata and additions to the Fantasy Hero spell system
  • and much, much more!

ISBN 1-55806-022-7

Hero System – Fantasy Hero

Stephen S. Long
Fantasy Hero
Hero System 5th Edition
Genre Book

Fantasy Hero discusses and describes the Fantasy genre for gaming, and shows how to create characters, campaigns, spells and magic systems, kingdoms, and other elements of Fantasy with the Hero System rules. It includes:

  • a complete review of the Fantasy genre, from the most mundane Low Fantasy and Urban Fantasy tales to wondrous and bizarre High Fantasy and Epic Fantasy sagas, with guidelines and suggestions for simulating each part of the genre using the Hero System rules.
  • an extensive section on creating Fantasy characters in the Hero System, including over five dozen Package Deals for major character races, backgrounds, and professions
  • Fantasy-specific combat and adventuring rules, including mass combat
  • a detailed chapter on magic, describing how to create magic systems, spells, and enchanted items, with dozens of examples to get you started
  • discussions about Fantasy civilizations and cultures, with guidelines for economies and currencies, travel times and methods, religion, and much more

Whatever type of Fantasy game you like to play, and however you like to play it, Fantasy Hero helps you make it even better!

415 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-58366-016-X

Hero System – Western Hero

Hero Games - Matt Forbeck - Western HeroMatt Forbeck
Western Hero
Hero Games

A Campaign Book for the Hero System.
„Western Hero“ is the Western sourcebook for the Hero System, providing enough information to run Western adventures in either the historical or the fictional Wild West. From lassoing a wild stallion to sliding a low-down cowpoke down the bar and through a window, it’s all here. Use „Western Hero“ as a supplement for your existing Hero game, or start your own Western campaign.
„Western Hero“ includes:

  • Extensive guidelines and optional rules for Western-style maneuvers and combat.
  • Suggestions and guidelines for creating Western-style characters, including many new package deals, advantage and disadvantage options, and more.
  • A Western Sourcebook containing a timeline, a bestiary, descriptions and statistics for equipment and weapons, and pages of information on the Wild West.
  • A complete campaign setting based on the Western town of Deadwood.
  • Two complete scenarios, numerous other adventure ideas, and plenty of advice for creating and running your own Western adventures and campaigns.
  • Dozens of Western NPCs, including many historical figures such as Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  • Layouts and descriptions for two Western towns, the OK Corral, a 1800s train, a bar, and other Western locations.

200 Seiten. 1991.
ISBN 1-55806-118-5

Hero System – Corporations

Hero Games - Mark Arsenault - CorporationsMark Arsenault
Champions/ Dark Champions

A Sourcebook for Champions and Dark Champions.
From board room fights to fights in the board room, it’s all here –
everything you ever needed to know about the corporate world! Are they faceless foes for the heroes to fight, benevolent patrons, ready to aid the heroes in their war against crime or just neutral entities out for a big profit? All facets of corporations are covered, from organization and goals to proxy fights and takeover bids. Bring the super-powered battle for justice to where it belongs with „Corporations“!
„Corporations“ includes:

  • Over two dozen corporations, each with an optional background to keep your players guessing!
  • New Perks.
  • Superteams as Corporations!
  • Corporate Archetypes and Villains.
  • Extensive Information on Corporations and How They Work.

94 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 1-55806-208-4

Hero System – Horror Hero

Hero Games - Horror Hero
Horror Hero: Endless Nightmares
Hero Games

A Genre Book for the Hero System.
Add a new dimension of spine-tingling terror to your Hero System roleplaying with „Horror Hero: Endless Nightmares“, the new Hero System genre book! „Horror Hero“ is packed with new rules, new characters, new magic systems, new monsters, and several terrifying campaign backgrounds. Plus, there are complete rules for adding, creating and GMing horror stories in any Hero System game. Absolutely the best book on roleplaying horror for any game system!
Inside, you’ll find:

  • Horror Magic.
  • Psychic Powers.
  • New Rules for Stress and Degradation.
  • Revised Spirit Rules.
  • Three Complete Campaign Settings!

Everything you need to start experiencing those spine-tingling chills-down-your-back is inside.

220 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 1-55806-203-3

Hero System – Creatures of the Night

Hero Games - Dean Shomshak - Creatures of the NightDean Shomshak
Creatures of the Night: Horror Enemies
Champions/ Dark Champions

An Enemies Sourcebook for Dark Champions or Champions.
„Creatures of the Night“ is the definitive sourcebook for supernatural foes in Champions as well as Dark Champions. This book is full of nasty enemies who are all rooted in the realm of horror. To gamemaster these villains, „Creatures of the Night“ includes extensive sections of how to interject horror into a four-color world. Finally, the heroes will be shaking in their boots as they face the villains from this book!
Over forty highly-detailed villains, each with motivations, tactic and horrific powers are presented within. Some are organized into teams with coordinated strategies and battle plans. The rest are presented the way horror should be: alone, scary and dangerous.
What are the Demonologist’s plans, and what does he intend for his Devil’s Advocates? Will the heroes be able to stop the star-spanning danger of the mechanical Monad? Can they withstand the terrible vampiric power of Lady Twilight? Are they a match for the awful might of the demon Baphomet? Buy „Creatures of the Night“ and find out!

101 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 1-55806-188-6