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Earthdawn – Der Weg des Adepten

Der Weg des Adepten

Adepten sind die wahren Helden von Barsaive, die unerschütterlich dafür kämpfen, dass sich ihr Land von den Verwüstungen der Plage erholt. Ihre magischen Disziplinen verleihen ihnen großartige Kräfte, prägen aber auch die Art, wie sie ihre Umwelt wahrnehmen. So empfindet der Krieger die Welt als ein ewiges Schlachtfeld, während der Troubadour in ihr einen Schauplatz und eine Bühne für seine Geschichten sieht – die Schützin hingegen unterteilt die Welt in Geschosse und Ziele. Jede Disziplin schmiedet für den Adepten ein Band zwischen der Welt, machtvoller Magie und seinem innersten Selbst.
Der Weg des Adepten vermittelt Spielern und Spielleitern einen intensiven Einblick in das Dasein als Adept in der Welt von Earthdawn. Fünfzehn Angehörige der am häufigsten praktizierten Disziplinen beschreiben eingehend, wie sie ihre Disziplin sehen und leben. Weiterhin finden Sie in diesem Quellenband zusätzliche Regeln für die einzelnen Disziplinen, Rollenspielhinweise, Erläuterungen zur Kombination mehrerer Disziplinen, Spezialisierungen, Talentkrisen, neue Reittiere für Steppenreiter und vieles mehr.
Eine spannende und unterhaltsame Pflichtlektüre für alle, die in die Haut eines Adepten von Earthdawn schlüpfen wollen.

144 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 3-89064-412-0

The Everlasting – Book of the Spirits

Book of the Spirits
The Everlasting

Foundation Book Three.
The Secret World, a daydream shadow of your reality, waits for you. Break down the walls of disbelief. You are not human; you are a spirit of the dreamworlds or astra, chained to an earthly form. You tread the earth, but feel even more at home within the inner realms. You have visited the netherworlds, dream cities of Phantasia, sacred lands of nature spirits, the darkest nightmare lands, and Irem, city of the pillars.
Become a gargoyle. You feed on mortals‘ sins and pass on a curse of absolution. The sins you eat turn your cold stone body into a monstrous living thing.
Become a manitou. You are a totem spirit with a human host, changing hosts as they die, shifting between human and animal form, and killing unnatural horrors.
Become one of „the possessed.“ You are either a good person inhabited by a nightmare lord or an evil person inhabited by a dream protector – either way, you are expendable.
Become a djinnee. The Elder Lords cast your race to Earth. You live in Irem, a realm of supra technology and magic. Some of your kind now serve the Great Old Ones.
The Everlasting is The Interactive Legendmaking Experience. It features many new concepts: communal protagonists, customizable rules, gamemasterless options, tips on achieving epiphanies, tips on rewarding guides, opening and closing ceremonies, and Personal Mythology. Legendmaking takes you beyond roleplaying and storytelling to a new level of intensity. Each participant chooses from playing card, tarot card, dice, and freeform options the system personally preferred.
Your journey into the realms of modern-day fantasy, occult mystery, and paranormal adventure begins now. Enter the magical world you have always wanted to visit… the one you live in.

318 Seiten.
ISBN 1-887385-02-1

Savage Worlds – Rulebook (HC)

Shane Lacy Hensley
Savage Worlds
Savage Worlds

Welcome to a revolution in gaming – Savage Worlds – a merger of the best ideas in roleplaying and miniature games! What’s so revolutionary? We’re glad you asked!

  • It’s Fast! Savage Worlds is the fastest and easiest fully-detailed roleplaying game you’ll ever play! You can fight out massive battles quickly and easily – with your heroes‘ allies and minions – in one simple, fast-playing system!
  • It’s Furious! Characters gain awesome new abilities quickly, raising their attributes and skills and gaining powerful and exciting new Edges!
  • It’s Fun! Savage Worlds was designed to be a Game Master’s dream! GMs can write adventures, create new villains and monsters, and run epic tales, all without lots of bookkeeping. And you won’t need computer programs, three rule books, and a half-dozen setting books to do it. You’ll find everything you need right here and in the Savage Setting of your choice!
  • It’s also a Miniatures Game! Savage Worlds works as a miniatures battle game as well as an RPG. That means you can fight out your heroes‘ epic battles to save the world right on the table-top! Or you can play a competetive battle with troops of your own design!
  • It’s Complete! Savage Worlds was designed to be used with any genre – from swashbuckling pirates to superheroes and sci-fi. Inside you’ll find complete and simple rules for epic heroes, vehicles, chases, magic, superpowers, mass battles, and even guidelines for designing your own races and worlds!

139 Seiten. 2004.
ISBN 0-9763601-0-1

HARP – Character Book

Tero Oskala
Character Book

Plunge into adventure instantly by choosing from over 60 pre-generated first level HARP characters. Each character is game ready, with good stats, balanced skills, a training package, and talents. Attack bonuses, defensive bonuses and skill bonuses are all figured. Just pick a character, choose a name and start adventuring. We’ve even included equipment bundles for characters to choose from, so there are no worries about facing the monsters unprepared.
Over 20 new training packages add interest and vitality to the characters. These packages give your character a past and a future – be an Explorer, a Vagabond, a Mercenary, a Lightbringer or a Dwarven Defender. Players interested in the Martial Arts, can choose from several new training packages including „The School of the Mouse“, a martial arts style designed for short people.
The HARP Character Book is ideal for beginning and experienced gamers who want to get into a HARP game quickly without going through the character creation process. The book is perfect for new campaigns. Just ask the players to choose their characters from the Character Book for an interesting, well balanced group of characters in a hurry.

72 Seiten. 2007.
ISBN 1-55806-627-6

MasterBook – The World of Aden: Campaign Chronicles

Stephen Crane
Campaign Chronicles
The World of Aden Supplement

Creatures of the Darkfall – nocturnals – ravage the land. The clanking and hissing of steam-powered sorcerous contraptions reverberates throughout the cities of Aden, as mechamages work on newer and more formidable uses for the magical metal known as manite. And in the midst of it all travels an intrepid band of adventurers – your adventurers. How can you help them find their way around the many adversities found in the World of Aden?
Campaign Chronicles gives you the information you need to make your World of Aden game interesting and fresh. There are hints, tips and ideas for creating memorable characters, running an adventure or a campaign in the World of Aden and capturing the feel and tone of this exciting new fantasy world based on the hit computer roleplaying series by SSI. There are also a selection of new spells and an assortment of new creatures – both natural and nocturnal – with which you can expand your adventures.
Also included is the gamemaster screen for The World of Aden, which collects many of the charts and tables needed during the game in one place for easy reference.

92 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 0-87431-468-2

OGL – Gewölbe und Drache

Jonas Boungard
Gewölbe und Drache

Ein Abenteuer für 3 bis 5 Charaktere der Stufe 2 für die 5. Edition des ältesten Rollenspiels der Welt.

Anmerkung: Ein kleines self-made-Einführungsabenteuer für D&D, geeignet für eine Gruppe Rollenspielneulinge und einen erfahrenen Spielleiter.

15 Seiten. 2020. Format DIN A5.

Vampire Hunter$ – Gimme A Stake Medium Rare

David Bolack
Gimme A Stake Medium Rare
Vampire Hunter$

Okay now, listen up!
This is your one and only chance to get this right. Make a mistake out there and we’ll be bringing you back in a ziploc baggie – that is, if we don’t have to stake you out, decapitate you, and then burn the body!
This book represents years of research by Vampire Hunter$ Inc. in our pursuit of better ways to kill these bloodsucking monsters. Included in these pages are:

  • More Weapons!
  • Several possible origins for Vampirism
  • The Top 10 Most Wanted Vampires in the World!
  • Campaign Notes
  • Adventure Seeds
  • And more!

Whether you are a player or a gamemaster, this book has something for you!
Guaranteed to be more fun than a sharp stake in the eye!

110 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-929332-17-3

The Dying Earth RPG – Rulebook

The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game
The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game

At any moment the sun may go out…
In this unimaginably far future, the swollen orb stutters and blinks. On the Dying Earth, in these last fleeting moments of the 21st Aeon, humanity festers rich as rotted fruit.
Earth, immensely old…
Half-men haunt forests from decadent Kaiin to the Land of the Falling Wall. Yet a flashing sword is less important than sharp wits, persuasive words, and exotic fashions.
Enchantment shapes the world!
Science has given way to rich, colorful magic. Any dabbler may know a few simple cantraps. Magicians in lavish manses struggle to master Earth’s last great spells, while supreme Arch-Magicians command the omnipotent but quarrelsome sandestins.
Visit The Dying Earth!
Enter this vivid world based on Jack Vance’s legendary Tales of the Dying Earth fantasies. Designed by Robin D. Laws (Feng Shui, Glorantha: Hero Wars) with magic rules by John Snead (Nephilim), The Dying Earth features easy, fast-playing rules that encourage creativity and interaction. Create a roguish adventurer like Cugel the Clever, surviving by wits and cunning; an ambitious Magician searching for lost spells, such as Turjan of Miir; or an all-powerful Arch-Magician to rank with Rhialto the Marvellous.
You need not know Jack Vance’s work to play, but fans of the stories will enjoy the comprehensive summary of the world’s places, creatures, and known spells.

  • For novices and seasoned roleplayers
  • Complete introductory adventure
  • Pertinent advice on conjuring a suitably Vancian atmosphere
  • Extensive examples and index

188 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 0-9539980-0-2

Earthdawn – Verseucht

Robin D. Laws

Im tiefsten Hinterland Barsaives, wo man Fremden voller Angst und Misstrauen begegnet, liegt ein winziges, abgeschiedenes Dorf. Als sich Geschichten über die merkwürdigen Kräfte einer jungen Bewohnerin dieses Dorfes verbreiten, ist es nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis die schwarzgekleideten Fanatiker der Grimmigen Armee auftauchen, um diesen Gerüchten nachzugehen.
Diese selbsternannten Legionäre behaupten, das Mädchen stehe unter der Kontrolle eines Dämonen, verdorben von dem unvorstellbar Bösen – und es stelle damit eine Gefahr dar, die vom Erdboden getilgt werden müsse.
Gefangen in der Schreckensherrschaft der Grimmigen Armee, ruht die Hoffnung des Dorfes auf einer kleinen Gruppe ahnungsloser Abenteurer…
Verseucht ist ein Earthdawn-Abenteuer für 6 bis 8 Charaktere jeglicher Disziplin der Kreise 2 bis 4.

80 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 3-89064-407-4