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Dungeons & Dragons – The Living Dead

T. H. Lain
The Living Dead
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

Hunting parties from an elven village are mysteriously disappearing. Similar mysteries plague a dwarven settlement on the far side of the mountains. Each side blames the other. Only a band of tried and true heroes can root out what sinister force manipulates these normally peaceful people.
But can they conquer that evil before the tribes go to war?

186 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 0-7869-2848-4

Dungeons & Dragons – Plague of Ice

T. H. Lain
Plague of Ice
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

Frigid cold and ice sweep across the realm at the height of summer. Arctic monsters prowl the flash-frozen landscape. To unlock the mystery, a small band of heroes must traverse the depths of a ruined, ice-clogged city that now houses only unearthly creatures and deadly traps.
Will they find the key to salvation?

178 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 0-7869-2953-7

Dungeons & Dragons – Oath of Nerull

T. H. Lain
Oath of Nerull
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

The wizard or sorcerer who wins the well-known Duel Arcane will be awarded the Golden Wand, a magical device that holds incredible power. Magic users come from far and wide to compete in the contest. Some are drawn to glory, others to the competition. Still more come for other, darker reasons, driven by an oath to a merciless death god.
And some oaths cannot be broken.

180 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 0-7869-2851-4

Dungeons & Dragons – City of Fire

T. H. Lain
City of Fire
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

In the sands of a great desert, a once-heroic paladin has turned to evil and enlisted an army of gnolls to help retrieve a powerful relic, reputed to be kept in the vaults of the City of Fire. If they find it, the world will never again be at peace.
Can a party of four stop an army of hundreds?

183 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 0-7869-2854-9

Dungeons & Dragons – Treachery’s Wake

T. H. Lain
Treachery’s Wake
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

A ship lies wrecked on an ice-bound coast. Desperate to recover a magic item from its cargo, a wizard enlists the help of the Thieves‘ Guild. They soon discover that the shipwreck was no accident. The artifact’s trail leads to frozen wilderness, savage brigands, and foes that no one expected.
The heroes can fulfill their contract… but can they survive the consequences?

181 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 0-7869-2926-X

Dungeons & Dragons – The Sundered Arms

T. H. Lain
The Sundered Arms
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

Andaron’s Delve, a great dwarven stronghold ravaged by war, has for ages lain abandoned. Now, smoke once again pours from the immense furnaces, and goblins and beasts guard the ancient entrance. Evil is rekindled in the heart of the mountain and strives to forge anew Andaron’s sundered arms.
This time, it’s about survival.

184 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 0-7869-2974-X

Dungeons & Dragons – The Savage Caves

T. H. Lain
The Savage Caves
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

Between the mountains of the Merciless Range and the tall boughs of the Hellwood lurks a foul presence. Those who approach it, perish. Those who flee it are slain. These are dark times for the citizens of Fairbye, but there is still hope. Four heroes rise to the challenge, determined to save the small hamlet from the clutches of evil.
But will the heroes survive the depths of the savage caves?

182 Seiten. 2002.
ISBN 0-7869-2845-X

Dungeons & Dragons – Return of the Damned

T. H. Lain
Return of the Damned
Dungeons & Dragons Novel

An ancient, jeweled bottle, a missing lover, mysterious black-clad invaders, and a warrior haunted by grief collide in the wilderness and on the battlefield. Driven by rumors that his beloved Naull may have survived her abduction to the Plane of Fire, Regdar and a band of loyal mercenaries defy their overlord’s wrath to seek the truth. Their quest leads them to unexpected discoveries and unearthly danger.
Will their efforts bring about the return of the damned?

180 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 0-7869-3003-9

Vampire: The Requiem – The Strix Chronicle

The Strix Chronicle
Vampire: The Requiem Anthology

We are like you. We live in your cities, we laugh at your jokes, we share your good times and your bad ones. We meet you in clubs and back alleys, at glamorous parties and dive bars. We need you, to sate our endless hunger. We are your Kindred.
They are the smoke and the darkness, things that could have been you or us, creatures of hunger that humanity stole the night from. They are the Strix.
This anthology chronicles our struggle, and unveils the schemes and atrocities of Kindred and Strix alike. It includes:

  • „Four Years, Old John“: Greg Stolze shows us how the two most powerful vampires in Chicago came together in the shadow of the Strix.
  • „Second Chance“: Eddy Webb tells a story of trust and betrayal, as a vampire is raised to solve a savage mystery.
  • „Playing House“: Audrey Whitman reveals that the devil you know and the devil you don’t might be one and the same.
  • „Watching“: Orrin Loria introduces us to the Sheriff, who sees everything. But there’s one person even the city’s most well-connected vampire may not suspect.
  • „Lullay“: Joshua Alan Doetsch weaves the tale of a surrogate father and his very dangerous little girl. But what happens when a fairy tale beast comes knocking?

148 Seiten. 2013.