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Heavy Gear – Terranovan Military Powers Book 2

Heavy Gear - Terranovan Military Powers Book 2
Terranovan Military Powers Book 2: Southern Milicia
Heavy Gear

MILICIA is an acronym which stands for MILitary Intervention/Counter-Insurgency Army. The Southern Milicia recruits troops from all four Southern leagues; they are used to staff border outpost and perform counter-insurgency duty in the three vassal leagues. Most importantly, they spearhead the fighting against the South’s enemies, taking the fight to protect their own across Terra Nova.
The Southern Milicia Army List provides Heavy Gear tactical Players with all the information they need to run battles featuring the Milicia and to build their own Milicia units. Southern land forces are covered in detail along with guidelines for building miniature armies, new tactical abilities for special units and some historical background on the Milicia.

The Army List includes:

  • Details on over 70 standard cadre types, including 27 Gear cadres, 3 strider cadres, 24 infantry squads and 18 armored squadrons. Each squadron includes unique tactical abilities and optional vehicle modifications.
  • Rules for building your own Southern Milicia regiment.
  • New Gear and tank variants unique to the Southern Milicia.
  • Full details on five famous regiments, including their commanders, special squadrons and unique tactical abilities. Each regiment is ready to play.
  • Background details on the Milicia, including strategy, medals, uniforms and standard equipment.

96 Seiten. 1999.
ISBN 1-896776-54-X

Heavy Gear – Operation: Jungle Drums

Heavy Gear - Operation Jungle DrumsElie Charest
Operation: Jungle Drums
Heavy Gear

Dieses Heft ist Teil des Heavy Gear ‚Gamemaster Starter Kit‘.
The Heavy Gear Gamemaster Starter Kit is a Silhouette game supplement for Dream Pod 9’s exciting Heavy Gear science-fiction game. Within this folder you will find:

  • A three-fold Gamemaster reference screen which contains all the important tables of the rulebook (tactical, roleplaying and vehicle weapons tables), displayed in a clear and concise manner to facilitate your game sessions:
  • A 48-page booklet which contains a ready-to-play roleplaying adventure, complete with a full cast of pre-generated Players and Non-player Characters. The booklet also features sample GRELs (Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaires); two never-published-before Heavy Gears: the „Kodiak“ (North) and the „King Cobra“ (South); and concise reference sheets containing all the vital roleplaying and tactical tables. Lastly, it includes blank stat sheets to photocopy.
  • Four (4) full color 16×21“ hex maps (2 desert and 2 woodland terrains), printed on quality paper stock;
  • And nearly 100 various counters (including 24 Heavy Gear, 16 various APCs, 2 striders, 16 infantry, and 27 Top Speed markers; printed in colour on quality stock).

41 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 2-921573-30-X

Heavy Gear – Game Accessory 1

Heavy Gear - Game Accessory 1
Game Accessory 1: Gamemaster’s Guide
Heavy Gear

Running a game is no picnic. This supplement contains vital information that will provide everything both novice and experienced Gamemasters need to run a dynamic, action-packed, highly entertaining Heavy Gear campaign. The Gamemaster’s Guide also provides a full listing of Perks and Flaws for roleplaying characters, allowing you to add extra detail to your Heavy Gear characters.

  • Full color map of Terra Nova
  • Three-fold Gamemaster’s Screen
  • Easy-to-access reference tables
  • How to handle novice or problem Players
  • Character Perks and Flaws
  • Random equipment package tables

47 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 1-896776-34-5

Heavy Gear – Caprice Book 1

Heavy Gear - Caprice Book 1Chris Hartford
Caprice Book 1
Heavy Gear

The CEF occupies Caprice, but the Corporations that dominate the planet’s affairs continue to manipulate events, seeking new ways of making money and increasing their influence. As their factories produce weapons of war for the occupiers, the corporations look for ways to profit from the situation. Some work hand in hand with the invaders, while others only give the impression of doing so. Behind the scenes, many seek ways to throw off the yolk of Earther oppression and seize the future for themselves.
An air of hard work, determination and loyalty conceals naked ambition and a ruthlessness, a cold heart willing to do – and say – anything in the quest for profit. This sourcebook includes:

  • A complete history of the corporations of Caprice;
  • Information on Caprice’s unique government and the role of corporations;
  • Full write-ups for six prominent corporations;
  • Sample campaign set-ups;
  • New character archetypes, equipment and vehicles.

80 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-896776-78-7

Heavy Gear – Tactical Space Support

Heavy Gear - Tactical Space SupportMarc-Alexandre Vezina
Tactical Space Support: Space Warfare
Heavy Gear

Space is the final frontier, the river of night that seperates the tiny islands of rock and oxygen inhabited by Mankind. Like their ancestors before them, the people of Terra Nova ply the space lanes around their planet. The Tactical Space Support contains additional rules, equipment and background material for Dream Pod 9’s exciting Heavy Gear mechanized science fiction game.
This sourcebook includes:

  • A brief history of Terranovan space flight
  • Information on the Helios system
  • Details on the Tannhauser Gates
  • Full tactical space-to-space and space-to-ground rules
  • Sample campaign set-ups
  • New equipment

96 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-896776-68-X

Heavy Gear – Tactical Air Support

Heavy Gear - Tactical Air SupportElie Charest
Tactical Air Support: Aircraft & Aerial Warfare
Heavy Gear

What would be an aircraft pilot without his aircraft? The Tactical Support: Aircraft & Aerial Warfare manual, the first book in the Tactical Support series, covers everything not included in the rulebook, from air war tactical rules (movement, special maneuvers, altitude) to dogfighting (one-on-one aircraft combat). It also includes all the necessary aircraft design and maintenance rules, new weapons, new perks and flaws as well as twenty sample designs from the North, the South and the Badlands. Lastly, the book includes stock NPCs that can be used to populate air bases.

109 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 1-896776-04-3

Heavy Gear – Southern Record Sheets 1

Heavy Gear - Southern Record Sheets 1
Southern Record Sheets 1: Gears & Striders
Heavy Gear

The Vehicle Record Sheets supplements are companions to the Vehicle Compendium series. Each Record Sheets package provides Heavy Gear players with game sheets for use when playing tactical battles. This supplement covers all the vehicles from Southern Vehicles Compendium One: Gear and Striders, including 83 widely deployed Gears, 11 combat striders, and 10 vehicle prototypes.
The record sheets are designed for ease of play and are presented in a format easy to copy for use in games. They allow players to jump right into battle with the full range of Heavy Gears and striders available to the military commanders of Terra Nova.

111 Seiten. 1997.
ISBN 1-896776-15-9

Heavy Gear – Southern Leaguebook 1

Heavy Gear - Southern Leaguebook 1
Southern Leaguebook 1: Southern Republic
Heavy Gear

The single-most powerful nation on Terra Nova, the Southern Republic holds the entire South in its iron grip. Massive military might, a gargantuan intelligence community and an ingrained culture of national supremacy all keep the Republic the master of the Allied Southern Territories and a real and present danger to the Northern leagues. But the so-called Land of the Snakes remains dangerous even for loyal citizens. Centuries of intrigue and betrayal are finally catching up to the great league and its political system is choking on a web of lies.
The Southern Republic Leaguebook gives Heavy Gear roleplayers and Gamemasters everything they need to set their scenarios in this dangerous land. Among many other things, this sourcebook includes:

  • A complete history of the Republic
  • Details on the hidden world of the dreaded SRID and Temoins
  • Full write-ups (including maps) on all 12 Republican city-states
  • Information on the deadly SPFI terrorists from Saragossa
  • Sample Campaign set-ups
  • New character archetypes
  • New equipment

128 Seiten. 1997.
ISBN 1-896776-19-1

Heavy Gear – Northern Vehicles Compendium 2

Heavy Gear - Northern Vehicles Compendium 2
Northern Vehicles Compendium 2: Tanks & Artillery
Heavy Gear

The Vehicle Compendium series showcases the most common pieces of vehicular equipment used by the armed forces of Terra Nova in the 62nd century. This second volume contains the tanks and artillery pieces originally found in the Field Guide N2 and the Tactical Field Support, along with a detailed recognition chart and ready-to-play record sheets.

80 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 1-896776-29-9

Heavy Gear – Colony Book 1

Heavy Gear - Colony Book 1Lucien Soulban
Colony Book 1: Life on Caprice
Heavy Gear

Caprice: the planet known as the Gateworld, and Earth’s first daughter. One of the main human colonies, this harsh planet harbors a dynamic society that not only survived the turmoil of the post-colonial period but managed to thrive on its own. As the forces of the imperialist New Earth Commonwealth prepare their takeover of the human worlds, however, Caprice finds itself an occupied world, stuck between hammer and anvil. But the Capricians have always been a resourceful people…
Life on Caprice is the first sourcebook in a line detailing the human colony worlds in Dream Pod 9’s exciting Heavy Gear science-fiction universe. Within these covers you will find:

  • A complete history of the Caprician world;
  • An extensive examination of Caprice’s composition, from its geology and hydrography to each region’s particular characteristics;
  • A listing of all settlements, with location, population, political system and special characteristics described in depth;
  • Dozens of important personalities for the players to meet and interact with;
  • An in-depth examination of the cultures and habits found throughout Caprician societies;
  • New archetypes, equipment, vehicles and campaign ideas.

96 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-896776-66-3