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Star Fleet Battles – The X-Ships

Star Fleet Battles - The X-Ships - Captain's Module X1
The X-Ships
Star Fleet Battles
Captain’s Module X1

The most powerful starships in the Galaxy clash in the titanic final battles of the General War.
Module X1 includes a 64-page rulebook with:

  • Advanced systems: rapid-pulse phasers, fast-arming heavy weapons, deadly new drones, Stinger X-fighters, faster acceleration, and enough power to use it all.
  • 16 new scenarios from the General War through the decisive battle between a Federation x-squadron and the just-finished Andromedan Devastator Battleship!
  • 2 X-ship campaigns.

Also includes 96-page book of X-ship SSDs (many entirely new) & 108 counters.

64+96 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 0-922335-55-9

Star Fleet Battles – Tactics Manual Captain’s Edition

Star Fleet Battles - Tactics Manual Captain's Edition
Tactics Manual Captain’s Edition
Star Fleet Battles

How to win at Star Fleet Battles! The Star Fleet Battles Tactics Manual provides you with everything you need to know to fly your starship to victory. Solid „how-to“ information written by the top players. Which weapon is best for each mission. How to use tractors to stop drones, destroy fighters, and execute the deadly Gorn Anchor. How your weapon arcs define your tactics. Why wild weasels may save your ship but lose the battle.
The Star Fleet Battles Tactics Manual is divided into six departments:

  • Power & Energy: Tells how to get the most out of your engines, when to use reserve power, and how to predict your enemy’s actions by watching his power usage.
  • Fire Power: Describes each weapon, how to use it, and how to counter it. Such important areas as firing arcs, the Mizia Concept, and non-violent combat are fully explained.
  • Maneuver: Explains how to bring your ship into the optimum firing position.
  • Foreign Tactics: The Joint Chiefs provide detailed tactics for each race.
  • Class Tactics: Describes how different types of units use different tactics.
  • Special Subjects: Covers the finer points of cloaking devices, electronic warfare, mines, tactical intelligence, and more.

ISBN 0-922335-25-7

Star Fleet Battles – New Worlds 2

Star Fleet Battles - New Worlds 2
Captain’s Module C2: New Worlds II
Star Fleet Battles

The Andromedan Invaders:
Arriving after a 200-year journey from the M31 Galaxy, the Andromedans aren’t wasting any time in launching their campaign for galactic conquest. Their devastating TR beams rip enemies apart; their displacement device provides incredible mobility.

The Neo-Tholian 312th Battle Fleet:
Arriving from their original home galaxy at the height of the General War, the dreadnoughts and cruisers of the 312th Battle Fleet saved the Holdfast with their surprising web casters and punishing web fist weapons. The original Tholians are here!

The Interstellar Concordium:
The ISC exists far beyond the Romulans and Gorns. Their first contact with the other galactic races was during a savage battle that convinced the ISC that the entire galaxy was insane! The ISC built a powerful fleet to conquer the galaxy and save it from itself.


  • 64 page Rulebook
  • 108 die-cut playing pieces
  • 48 page SSD Book

ISBN 0-922335-15-X

Star Fleet Battles – Module R4

Star Fleet Battles - Module R4
Module R4: Romulan, ISC, Gorn, Tholian
Star Fleet Battles

Shipyards throughout known space are preparing new ships for service in Star Fleet Battles Universe – Module R4 covers new ships and scenarios for the following races.

  • Romulan Ships
  • Gorn Ships
  • Tholian Ships
  • ISC Ships
  • New Scenarios

ISBN 0-922335-33-8

Star Fleet Battles – Lyran Democratic Republic

Star Fleet Battles - Lyran Democratic Republic
Lyran Democratic Republic
Star Fleet Battles
Captain’s Module P5

This product includes rules, scenarios, SSDs, background, and F&E rules for the Lyran Democratic Republic, a new race for STAR FLEET BATTLES.
(R14.0) THE LDR: Complete background, including history, revolutions, culture, political figures, and more for the Lyran Democratic Republik.
Eighteen SSDs, most of them never published anywhere before, detail the powerful gatling phaser-armed ships of the Lyran Democratic Republic.
(S0.0) SCENARIOS: Four scenarios, two never published anywhere before, describe key events in the history of the Lyran Democratic Republik.
FEDERATION & EMPIRE: Complete strategic information to incorporate the Lyran Democratic Republic into your F&E game, including ship factors, conversions, production, special command and movement rules, etc.
NOTE: This product includes new play situations, background, ships and rules for „Star Fleet Battles“. You must have SFB Basic Set and New Worlds 1 (Module C1) to use this material. To be used to full effect, some material may also require Advanced Missions, Module J, and Module K. The material for Federation & Empire cannot be used without that game.

32 Seiten. 1992.
ISBN 0-922335-38-9

Star Fleet Battles – Captain’s Log 16

Star Fleet Battles - Captain's Log 16Stephen V. Cole, Steven P. Petrick (Ed.)
Captain’s Log #16
Star Fleet Battles/ Prime Directive

All new challenges for Star Fleet Battles, F&E, Prime Directive, Missions, and Warlord!

  • New Expanded Format!
  • A Sense of Obligation
  • Database
  • The Frax
  • Tactics
  • Eight New Ships
  • Universe
  • Index
  • Scenarios
  • Federation & Empire

96 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 0-922335-62-1