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DreadBall – Season Five

Jake Thornton
Season Five

New teams, new rules and a whole lot of fresh havoc can only mean one thing – it’s new season time for the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport.
The regs get relaxed for the first time ever to allow modified organics, tailor-made robots and even experimental limb grafts in the ongoing search for the perfect DreadBall player.
Exhibition Matches allow coaches to go wild, drafting in players of any shape, size or species for one off matches where anything goes. Think you could create the perfect combination of Guards, Jacks and Strikers? Now’s the time to prove it.
Free Agents auction their arms, tentacles and teeth to the highest bidder.
New teams bring the Xtreme edge – or do they?
And of course, new MVPs arrive to trip the balance for whichever team can afford them.
Tear up your rules you think you knew – this is a whole new ball game.

46 Seiten. 2015.
ISBN 978-0-9928856-7-0

DreadBall – Season Four

Jake Thornton
Season Four

How do you exceed the spectacle of DreadBall Ultimate? That was the question that the DGB asked themselves ahead of the new season of DreadBall, and it turned out that there wasn’t any one answer, so they decided to include them all!
New teams, new MVPs, new coaching staff and a whole new set of rules mean that this isn’t an update – it’s a whole new era for the greatest spectacle in the galaxy!
While the new guys find their feet on the neodurium, the old guard find that they have to re-evaluate their tactics to take advantage of new rules and rewards that fundamentally alter the flow of the game. Coaching assistants can make or break a game, and there’s always the possibility of a fan or two getting more directly involved in proceedings.
The message to every player in the league is clear – go big or go home. Ultimate was a warmup. This is the main event!
This expansion features expanded rules for Cheerleaders and Fans, a new achievement system to push your players a step further, and a host of new abilities and MVPs to add to your games. It also introduces four new teams – the Sphyr, the Rebs, the Hobgoblins and the Brokkrs.

47 Seiten. 2014.
ISBN 978-0-9928856-6-3

Deadzone – War in Urban Battlezones (2nd Printing)

Jake Thornton
Deadzone: War in Urban Battlezones

Nexus Psi is under total lockdown. The Plague – an alien virus that turns men into monsters – is ravaging the planet’s surface, and it can’t be allowed to spread any further. The Enforcers – an elite group of super soldiers – have been sent in to retrieve vital resources and stop the Plague at all costs.
Amid the chaos, groups of Rebels and alien Marauders, not realising the danger awaiting them, descend to the planet’s surface to strip its abandoned outposts of valuable Corporation technology. As they clash with Enforcers and Plague alike, Nexus Psi falls further into ruin.
This rulebook contains:

  • Game Rules – complete rules for leading your chosen force into the heart of the Deadzone and fighting against any foe to achieve your mission.
  • Campaign Rules – guidelines for running campaigns, gaining experience, adding new troops and equipment as your force gains reputation.
  • Battlezone Guide – rules for setting up urban battlefields and fighting over the Deadzone modular terrain.

80 Seiten. 2nd Printing.
ISBN 978-0-9569945-8-5

Deadzone – Nexus Psi

Jake Thornton
Nexus Psi

When Explore/ Retrieve team Six-Alpha set out to recover a strange alien artifact from the surface of Nexus Psi, they never realised what horrors they would unleash. Their lines of escape cut off by the merciless Council of Seven, they were left to fend for themselves against the ever-growing forces of the Plague.
Now that the initial wave has died down, new arrivals have begun to flock to the devastated planet. Enforcer dropships dispatch troops to the surface, each Strike Team tasked with the advancement of the Council’s hidden agenda. The foot-soldiers of the Rebellion come to the surface in battered transports, looking to recover anything they can from the ruins of the once thriving frontier world. Finally there are the Marauders, space-faring mercenaries fulfilling salvage contracts for employers unknown…
This book contains:

  • Campaign Rules – a new system for playing a series of linked games between one player controlling the Plague and an opponent controlling a different faction.
  • Battlezone: Nexus Psi – a guide to the world on which the campaign is set, including the events that led to the Plague outbreak.
  • Faction Focus – background information on Deadzone’s four primary factions: The Enforcers, the Plague, the Rebs and the Marauders.

63 Seiten.
ISBN 978-0-9569945-9-2

Deadzone – Incursion

Jake Thornton

Nexus Psi is overrun, and Containment is failing. The scale of the problem is beyond what the initial deployment of Enforcers can contain. Worse, the protracted global conflict has attracted the attention of more outsiders, who come to Nexus Psi in pursuit of their own agendas.
Two ancient alien empires – the Forge Fathers of the Star Realm and the mysterious Asterians – arrive to add their own complications to the Deadzone. Both are advanced and deadly, and both are fighting against every other faction present, including each other.
Faced with these new threats, the Council has sanctioned heavy reinforcements to be despatched to the Deadzone. The stakes are raised, as the battle becomes a war…
This book contains:

  • Faction Focus – background information on two brand new factions – the Forge Fathers and the Asterians. Additional rules for new Enforcer specialists as reinforcements arrive.
  • New Rules – Special abilities, new scenery and environmental items which bring more depth to your games.
  • Bigger Games – Rules for multimat and multiplayer games, reflecting the increased scale of conflict as the battle continues.

48 Seiten.
ISBN 978-0-9928856-1-8

DreadBall – Season Six

Jake Thornton
Season Six

If there’s one word that we can use to sum up the latest season of the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport then it would be more!
More weird and wonderful alien races join the team roster. More MVPs arrive to hire out their talents to the highest bidder. More Giant players add increased carnage to your matches. More is revealed of what goes on when the teams are off the pitch. And even more dirty tricks appear which a team can deploy to get ahead, both on and off the neodurium.
There’s so much more packed into this season, the DGB issued a health warning! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be the best you can be, rookie!
This expansion features the rules for GIANT players in your games, rules for hacking into the DGBs computer system, a new Reputation rating for your teams, and a host of new abilities and MVPs to add to your games. It also introduces four new teams – the Crystallans, the Tsudochan, the Koris and the Ada-Lorana.

47 Seiten. 2015.
ISBN 978-0-9928856-8-7

DreadBall – Challenge Cup

Jake Thornton
Challenge Cup

Welcome to the DreadBall Challenge Cup! In this book are additional rules and ideas for expanding DreadBall Leagues and Campaigns as well as new rules for playing DreadBall in some of the more remote regions of the Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere. What started as the Galactic Tour in the forests of Azure IV has grown into something much larger, with eight new worlds clamouring to host DreadBall matches!

55 Seiten. 2015. Taschenbuchformat.

Confrontation – Creatures of Dirz

Creatures of Dirz
Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’narok
Army Book

The Army Book: Creatures of Dirz is a supplement for Confrontation: the Age of the Rag’narok. It contains everything you need to play with or battle against the alchemical laboratories (Scorpion):

  • Exclusive information about the history of Maldegen Dirz and his most ingenious disciples;
  • The army rules for the four most famous laboratories on Aarklash;
  • The story and rules of many Incarnates, including exclusive characters;
  • The game rules for the creatures grown in the alchemical laboratories and the clones of Dirz themselves, as well as generic artifacts, miracles and spells;
  • New distinctive features and trades for the tactical role playing game Cadwallon.

64 Seiten. 2008.
ISBN 978-2-915556-84-1