Celtos – Celtos Rulebook

Celtos - CeltosMark Brendan

Eternal war in an ancient land forsaken by the Gods.
„Celtos“ is a fast paced miniatures tabletop battle system for two or more players. The game is set in the ancient land of Goria, which is fought over by powerful heroes and potent mages, wizards and shamans, and their warbands of warriors. Five races battle for dominion over Goria: the Fir Bolg – the accursed living dead hosts of Anwyn, the Sidhe – the immortal elven rulers of the elements, theFomorians – demonic orc and goblin spawn of Chaos and Old Night, the Gaels – warrior men and women, the favoured children of the All Mother and the Vanir – dwarven raiders of the frozen wasteland.
„Celtos“ contains all the information you need to play games with your Celtos miniatures, including army lists to get you started.

128 Seiten. 2002.