Champions – UNTIL Superpowers Database

Steven S. Long
UNTIL Superpowers Database

Sometimes a player or GM needs to create a Champions character as quickly and easily as possible. The UNTIL Superpowers Database lets him do just that by providing thousands of sample superpowers. Covering the entire spectrum of potential powers and power types, the Superpowers Database makes playing or running Champions games even easier and more fun!
The Superpowers Database includes:

  • complete descriptions of superpowers in over forty categories, including Cyberkinesis, Gravity, Matter Manipulation, Shape Alteration, Time and Weather Control
  • a „power template“ for each power, making it easy to determine the basics of a power at a glance, but also including a complete Hero System write-up of the power for copying to a character sheet
  • multiple versions of most powers, to make it easier for each gamer to tailor a power to suit the character or ability he has in mind
  • writeups and rules explanations both for common superpowers (fire blasts, teleportation, force fields) and for unusual powers such as bodyjacking, inertia alteration, reflex copying, and power transference.

Whatever type of character you have in mind, The UNTIL Superpowers Database has plenty of ideas and options to make him even better!

272 Seiten. 2003.
ISBN 1-58366-013-5