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Chronopia - Alan Cowsill - Dark Fantasy Miniature BattlesAlan Cowsill
Dark Fantasy Miniature Battles

From beyond the grave the One King has returned to reclaim his lost kingdom. The usurpers squandered the spoils of war and the great triad of the Elf Dukes, the Dwarf Overlords and the Ogre Emperor collapsed. The four dark prophets, twisted by their hate for the One King, made terrible pacts with unearthly evil. On the battlefields the carrion birds feast as mighty repulsar knights trade blows with beast clan dwarves and blackblood myrmadons render and gore elf dragonbane riders. And the dark banners of the devout, with their dusk realm demons and warped lords, cast an ever-increasing shadow across the land. Searing new magics crack across the sky as elven lotus-eaters battle with the time magics of the chronomancers and the devout’s abominations from the void.
The sun is setting on a dark world. It is a time of uncertainty and treachery as kin fights kin in a bitter struggle for domination and survival. It is a time of heroic deeds and blasphemous evil.
It is the age of Chronopia.
This book contains over 200 pages and includes:

  • 160 pages of full color.
  • A detailed history and background on the five races: The Firstborn, Blackbloods, Elves, Dwarves and Devout – including a time-line illustrated with all the major events in the history of Chronopia.
  • A high density of artwork from the best artists in the industry.
  • A 48 page rules section with comprehensive rules examples illustrated with diagrams.
  • A richly illustrated Army list section.
  • A pull out Quick Reference sheet.
  • Full color Weapon templates.
  • Full color Counters.
  • Warband and Individual record sheets.

205 Seiten. 1997.