Confrontation – Creatures of Dirz

Creatures of Dirz
Confrontation: The Age of the Rag’narok
Army Book

The Army Book: Creatures of Dirz is a supplement for Confrontation: the Age of the Rag’narok. It contains everything you need to play with or battle against the alchemical laboratories (Scorpion):

  • Exclusive information about the history of Maldegen Dirz and his most ingenious disciples;
  • The army rules for the four most famous laboratories on Aarklash;
  • The story and rules of many Incarnates, including exclusive characters;
  • The game rules for the creatures grown in the alchemical laboratories and the clones of Dirz themselves, as well as generic artifacts, miracles and spells;
  • New distinctive features and trades for the tactical role playing game Cadwallon.

64 Seiten. 2008.
ISBN 978-2-915556-84-1