Crucible – Conquest of the Final Realm

Crucible - Conquest of the Final Realm
Conquest of the Final Realm

For thousands of years they have battled. All across Ashkelon, Royal Elf knights riding their great land dragons clash with the serpent-mounted Infernal Elves and the terrifying Goblin bat riders. Principate Arcane Masters trade earth-shattering magic against the great Legion Invokers, the vile Necromancer Lords and the clandestine Witches of Selene. All have fought with or against the noble Tauren beastmen, and the Dwarves, aided by their ingenious machines of war.
Now a new land has been discovered that offers the wealth, magical artifacts and spoils needed to give one side final victory. But Crucible is defended by the legendary armies of the Orcs, and the horrifying Bane plague the route to the new domain.
„Crucible“ is a fantasy miniature game that features:

  • Fast-paced mechanics that allow for quick skirmishes or epic battles.
  • History and compendium for each of the eleven races.
  • Spells, relics and special abilities for each nation.
  • Templates and counters.

You will need miniatures and 12-sided dice to play „Crucible“.

158 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-55560-429-3