Crucible – Principate Faction Book

Crucible - Principate Faction Book
Principate Faction Book

On Ashkelon, the dukes curry favor with their Eternal Queen, attempting to fulfill her greatest desire – to see her banners fly proudly in all corners of Crucible.
The duchies‘ spearmen and knights are the lifeblood of the Queen’s forces, keeping invaders at bay and pressing ever forward into Crucible. They are aided by the reluctant yet valuable Thane and the solitary Elementalists. While they fight valiantly for the Eternal Queen, could their passion for battle be a veil for their own hidden agendas?
The „Principate Faction Book“ details the finer points of the Eternal Queen’s realm, army and plan of conquest. There are new units for the Principate, Thane and Elementalist forces; new spells for existing units; and ancient magic relics. In addition, a complete campaign is included with optional weather rules useable for all Crucible factions.

80 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-55560-475-7