d20 – Monsternomicon Volume I – Denizens of the Iron Kingdoms V3.5

Monsternomicon Volume I – Denizens of the Iron Kingdoms V3.5

Follow the famous Cygnaran scholar, Professor Viktor Pendrake, as he takes you deep into the darkest recesses of the Iron Kingdoms seeking terrors unimaginable. Pendrake has catalogued over 80 fascinating finds – creatures mundane and legendary, spectral and mechanikal. The Monsternomicon is naturally a great tool for terrifying your players, and its abundance of details are sure to fire up any campaign.
Winner of four EN World RPG System Awards (including Best Cover Illustration, Best Interior Art, Best Graphic Design, and Best Monster Supplement), the popular Monsternomicon Volume I – Denizens of the Iron Kingdoms has been updated for version 3.5.
Within these pages you can:

  • Learn about the monstrous inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms described in rich and incredible detail. Each creature receives no less than two fact-filled pages including adventure hooks, arcane creature lore, and more to give your adventurers a running start.
  • Draw inspiration from the gritty and terrifying illustrations by the award-winning Privateer Press art team that bring each creature to life.
  • Explore a thoroughly updated appendix that includes prestige classes, new game rules, wilderness encounter tables, and information for using unusual races as characters.
  • Challenge players of all levels with the wide variety of fearsome creatures. The Monsternomicon is the ultimate bestiary for any d20 campaign.

240 Seiten. 2005.
ISBN 1-933362-00-6