d20 – Traps & Treachery

d20 - Traps & Treachery
Traps & Treachery

The definitive d20 System resource for traps, tricks, puzzles, and poisons.

  • More than 60 complete descriptions of magic and mechanical traps, all beautifully illustrated.
  • Detailed guidelines on trap design and classification that organizes and streamlines the process of designing new traps and integrating them into your adventures.
  • Comprehensive rules for creating and using poisons.
  • Detailed listings of new poisons, natural and supernatural alike.
  • New prestige classes, including the trapmaster, roofrunner, and discreet companion.
  • A new NPC class, the thug.
  • New skills and feats, such as Urban Lore and Brew Poison.
  • New equipment and magic items.
  • The Thievery clerical domain, as well as new arcane and divine spells.
  • Tricks and techniques for disabling traps.
  • A comprehensive section on designing, developing, and integrating thieves‘ guilds into your campaign.
  • A chapter detailing a variety of mind-bending puzzles with which to confound your players, including logic puzzles, math puzzles, word puzzles, and chess puzzles, as well as physical challenges and obstacles to test your characters.

166 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 1-58994-020-2