D&D 3rd – The Standing Stone

D&D 3rd - John D. Rateliff - The Standing StoneJohn D. Rateliff
The Standing Stone
Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

Evil lurks in the Forest!
What terror stalks the villagers of Ossington? Who is the ghostly horseman haunting the road, stopping anyone from leaving? Why are the wild elves slaying villagers from afar with their deadly stone-tipped arrows? What lies buried in the old Great Barrow, and why is it stirring anew? What secret do the ancient standing stones surrounding the village hold, and can the heroes solve the mystery before a foul plot comes to fruition?
„The Standing Stone“ is a stand-alone adventure for the Dungeons & Dragons Game. Designed to challenge 7th-level D&D heroes, it presents a mystery for the heroes to solve if they wish to save an isolated village from the dangers that threaten to overwhelm it.

32 Seiten. 2001.
ISBN 0-7869-1838-1