Deadlands – A Fist Full o‘ Ghost Rock

Deadlands - A Fist Full o' Ghost Rock
A Fist Full o‘ Ghost Rock
Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars

„A Fist Full o‘ Ghost Rock“ features three full campaigns for „Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars“.
First up, in „A Fist Full o‘ Ghost Rock“, the Gal with No Name takes on Enforcers from every Rail Baron at once, and nothing short of death can stop her from having her way with them – and maybe not even that.
Then in „Trail o‘ Blood“, „Bloody“ Marty Coltrane’s troops have foiled an attack led by „Sterling“ Ben Stern’s band. Now Coltrane’s determined to bring Stern to frontier justice, even if he has to chase him straight to Perdition itself.
Finally, in „The Many Tasks of Grimme“, the players vie for Reverend Grimme’s favor in the City of Lost Angels with nothing less than the right-of-way into this vital town at stake.
„A Fist Full o‘ Ghost Rock“ features an innovative system for secretly briefing players so no one can ever be sure just what’s going to happen. It’s also got all sorts of new rules and troops to add to your „Great Rail Wars“ game.
No self-respecting Rail Baron would ride the rails without it!

75 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 1-889546-17-8