Deadzone – Incursion

Jake Thornton

Nexus Psi is overrun, and Containment is failing. The scale of the problem is beyond what the initial deployment of Enforcers can contain. Worse, the protracted global conflict has attracted the attention of more outsiders, who come to Nexus Psi in pursuit of their own agendas.
Two ancient alien empires – the Forge Fathers of the Star Realm and the mysterious Asterians – arrive to add their own complications to the Deadzone. Both are advanced and deadly, and both are fighting against every other faction present, including each other.
Faced with these new threats, the Council has sanctioned heavy reinforcements to be despatched to the Deadzone. The stakes are raised, as the battle becomes a war…
This book contains:

  • Faction Focus – background information on two brand new factions – the Forge Fathers and the Asterians. Additional rules for new Enforcer specialists as reinforcements arrive.
  • New Rules – Special abilities, new scenery and environmental items which bring more depth to your games.
  • Bigger Games – Rules for multimat and multiplayer games, reflecting the increased scale of conflict as the battle continues.

48 Seiten.
ISBN 978-0-9928856-1-8