Deadzone – War in Urban Battlezones (2nd Printing)

Jake Thornton
Deadzone: War in Urban Battlezones

Nexus Psi is under total lockdown. The Plague – an alien virus that turns men into monsters – is ravaging the planet’s surface, and it can’t be allowed to spread any further. The Enforcers – an elite group of super soldiers – have been sent in to retrieve vital resources and stop the Plague at all costs.
Amid the chaos, groups of Rebels and alien Marauders, not realising the danger awaiting them, descend to the planet’s surface to strip its abandoned outposts of valuable Corporation technology. As they clash with Enforcers and Plague alike, Nexus Psi falls further into ruin.
This rulebook contains:

  • Game Rules – complete rules for leading your chosen force into the heart of the Deadzone and fighting against any foe to achieve your mission.
  • Campaign Rules – guidelines for running campaigns, gaining experience, adding new troops and equipment as your force gains reputation.
  • Battlezone Guide – rules for setting up urban battlefields and fighting over the Deadzone modular terrain.

80 Seiten. 2nd Printing.
ISBN 978-0-9569945-8-5