Diablo Novel – Scales of the Serpent

diablo-novel-scales-of-the-serpentRichard A. Knaak
Scales of the Serpent
Diablo Novel

The Sin War Book Two.
Bent on destroying the evil cult of the Triune, Uldyssian does not yet suspect that Inarius – secret Prophet of the Cathedral of Light – has been subtly aiding his quest. Obsessed with restoring Sanctuary to its former glory, Inarius has been playing Uldyssian against the two great religions in a reckless attempt to topple them both. But another player has slipped back into the equation. The demon Lilith, once Inarius’s lover, seeks to use Uldyssian as her own pawn in a scheme to turn humans into an army of naphalem – godlike beings, more powerful than any angel or demon, who could overturn all Creation and elevate Lilith to supreme being.

327 Seiten. 2007.
ISBN 978-0-7434-7123-7