Dragonlance – Dragonlance Legends

Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman
Dragonlance Legends
Dragonlance Novel

One Brother Seeks Godhood…
Jealous of his brother’s strength, archmage Raistlin Majere seeks power through his Art, and intends to rule the gods themselves.
The Other Seeks Justice…
Caramon, the noble warrior, is conflicted by the love and hate he holds for his brother.
The Destiny of Krynn Lies With Them Both.
Together, the brothers travel back in time to rewrite a history the gods thought etched in stone. With a beautiful and devoted cleric of Paladine, they must find the Portal to the Abyss and challenge the Dark Queen herself for the destiny of Krynn.
But first they must confront each other, and find peace within themselves.

1064 Seiten. 2011.
ISBN 978-0-7869-5839-9