Dragonlance Novel – Elven Exiles

Dragonlance Novel - Elven ExilesPaul B. Thompson, Tonya C. Cook
Elven Exiles
Dragonlance Novel

Destiny 3.
Gilthas Pathfinder has led his people to a new haven – the fabled valley of Inath-Wakenti. But others are drawn to the forbidden vale as well. Adventurers and scholars, clerics and crackpots, and evil enemies, all have come there. And some have come from the uninhabited valley itself.
Meanwhile, Kerianseray is finally reunited with her husband, bringing her band of soldiers and their griffons to the aid of the refugees. Gilthas insists the fate of the elves lies among the damp mists and wandering ghosts of the lost valley, but no one knows if he is right, or if he and the Lioness are gambling – with the lives of their people as the stakes.

309 Seiten. 2007.
ISBN 978-0-7869-4273-2