Dragonlance – Riverwind, the Plainsman

Paul B. Thompson, Tonya R. Carter
Riverwind, the Plainsman
Dragonlance Novel

Preludes II, Volume 1.
To prove himself worthy of his beloved Goldmoon, Riverwind is sent on an impossible quest by the elders of the Que-Shu tribe: Find evidence of the true gods.
With an eccentric soothsayer named Catchflea, Riverwind falls down a magical shaft – and alights in a world of slavery, sorcery, and rebellion. Riverwind, Catchflea, and a resourceful elf-girl find their way to Xak Tsaroth and discover the Blue Crystal Staff of Mishakal. But the three companions are stalked by fate and a prophecy: one will go mad, one will die, and one will find glory.

313 Seiten. 1990.
ISBN 0-88038-909-5