Dragonlance – The Qualinesti

Paul B. Thompson, Tonya R. Carter
The Qualinesti
Dragonlance Novel

The Elven Nations Trilogy Volume 3.
One of the most fabled stories in all of Krynn’s tradition – untold before now – the founding of Qualinost, and the creation of the magnificent society of the renegade elves, the Qualinesti.
Kith-Kanan becomes the first Speaker of the Suns. His reign can claim many triumphs, including a pact with the reclusive dwarves of Thorbardin that results in the great monument of Pax Tharkas. But Kith-Kanan is haunted by his failures: acrimony between the elven factions and the mysterious behavior of his son, his future successor.

310 Seiten. 1991.
ISBN 1-56076-114-8