Fables Gamesystem – Battlestorm

Fables Gamesystem - S. William Nesbitt II - BattlestormS. William Nesbitt II
Battlestorm: An Introduction to Fantasy Gaming Volume I
Fables Gamesystem

„Battlestorm: an Introduction to Fantasy Gaming“ is the first Volume of the Fables Gamesystem. Learning the rules is as easy as falling off a dragon, and the game plays as quick as a punch in the jaw.
„Battlestorm“ uses a simple combat system that stresses action, reaction and interaction. „Battlestorm“ requires an attacker to „Declare“ any melee combat BEFORE he moves. This way the opponent has the option of counter-attacking, fleeing or even attacking some other unit. Combat can fire off an exciting chain reaction that suddenly draws many units into the fray. These are called „battlestorms“ and they often mean a battle can hinge on a few critical decisions that cause an explosion of carnage. It’s not for the faint-hearted.
„Battlestorm“ is designed for a bold commander who wants to feel the rush of adrenaline as his troops become enmeshed in a tactical chess match with all the violence and pageantry of a medieval fantasy battle.

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