Fireborn – Lost Lore

Fireborn - Lost Lore
Lost Lore

Unearth the lost lore of the mythic age and delve into the secrets of modern magic…
This free supplement to the Fireborn Player’s Handbook includes new errata for the dynamic d6 system and Fireborn character creation, powers, edges, skills, and rules. It also offers answers to the most frequently asked questions among Fireborn players and GMs. Finally, you will find within a complete set of action cards that you can use to build your characters‘ epic, gun-toting, sword-swinging, claw-rending action sequences.

  • Useful for GMs and players alike
  • Official FAQ
  • Official game errata
  • Highlight art from the Player’s Handbook and the Gamemaster’s Handbook
  • Action cards can be used as a quick reference during combat, to teach new players how to create action sequences on the fly, or to illustrate the moves that a character is performing.

12 Seiten. 2004.