Firestorm Armada – Rulebook (Second Edition)

Christopher Worth
Firestorm Armada: Space Combat in a War-Torn Galaxy (Second Edition)
Firestorm Armada

Firestorm Armada is a fast paced, exciting tabletop game of spaceship combat set in a deadly, distant future. Large fleets of highly advanced warships clash in the depths of space, as conflict erupts throughout the galactic sector.
Laser batteries blaze, engines flare and shields overload in the furious maelstrom of battle. Precision strikes against key systems make way for bombing runs from short range space craft or salvoes from drone guided torpedoes. Elite troops ready their assault pods for daring boarding actions and cyber-warfare suites wreak havoc through crucial computer systems.
It is time to choose your alliance, set your fleet to battle stations and prepare to enter the Firestorm!

  • Action packed and easy to learn
  • Intricate tactics and tense game play
  • Highly detailed 1/10,000th scale models
  • Set in a rich, continually expanding galaxy
  • Six scenarios and expansive, thematic terrain rules included
  • Rules for varied weapons, boarding assaults, fighter craft and much more

121 Seiten. 2013.